Wife of Andrew Schimmer, What Illness Does She Have?

Jho Rovero: Wife of Andrew Schimmer, What Illness Does She Have?

Actor Andrew Schimmer is highly known in the Philippines. For films like Eskandalo, Blind Side, Project X, Green Paradise, etc., he is well recognized.

The actor recently broke down in tears as he discussed his wife Jho Rovero’s battle with a disease. Since November 2021, his wife has been a patient at St. Luke’s Medical Center. How’s his missis doing these days?

The wife of Andrew Schimmer has brain hypoxia

The wife of Andrew Schimmer, Jho Rovero, had been in the hospital for a month at this point. A severe asthma attack she had caused a cardiac episode, cerebral hypoxia, and other complications.

Brain hypoxia is a condition that develops when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. When someone is choking, suffocating, or experiencing cardiac arrest, it typically happens. The illness could also be caused by a brain injury, a stroke, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Schimmer published a heartbreaking message for his wife in April 2022. He felt the same sorrow at being separated from his love. The actor also pretended that Jho was resting next to him on their bed as a sign that he could no longer stand the discomfort.

The Blind Side actor also asked his fellow celebrities and regular citizens for financial assistance for his wife. He’s certain that he’ll be able to bring Jho home shortly.

The agony of being without you is sometimes too much to bear, Schimmer wrote on Facebook. Our regular discussions on life, God, and everything are missed.

Nothing makes a house feel more empty than wishing you were there. These days, our modest bed seems too huge. Talking to myself and acting as though you are still next to me no longer works.

“If I were to put into words how much I miss you, I would just start to cry,” he continued. I might just be a broken vessel that will never be whole without you.

The Filipino celebrity is nevertheless optimistic that his wife would soon return home. On his social media, he constantly updates Rovero’s status.

According to Andrew’s most recent Tiktok post, his wife is now stable but still unable to move or speak. He needs financial support for her medical care.

Who Is Jho Rovero, Andrew Schimmer’s Wife?

Jho Rovero, Andrew Schimmer’s wife, is a model and actress from the Philippines. Since she was ill, she has spent approximately eight months in bed.

As can be seen on her Facebook, Rovero has shared a lot of beautiful images of her family and works. She enjoyed going on vacation, making Tiktok, and cooking. But she hasn’t been able to move since her illness.

Every year on July 11, Rovero celebrates her birthday. She is only in her thirties and right now really needs support.

Children’s Of Andrew Schimmer and His Wife

Andrew Schimmer and Jho Rovero are parents to a girl and a son.

The actor routinely updates his Instagram account with beautiful photos of his family. Jho’s daughter Andrea has also asked for help for her mom on a GoFundMe page, where she has amassed a total of $15,96. Instead of that, they want to raise $20,000.

The nicest part of the actor’s day, in his opinion, is seeing his children sleep next to their mother.

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