Why did ‘The Bachelor’ alum Jacqueline Trumbull call off her wedding to Paul Seli?

Jacqueline Trumbull, who was on “The Bachelor,” finally told her fans on Instagram on August 4, 2022, that she had called off her wedding to Paul Seli.

Jacqueline shared, along with pictures of her wedding guests, “Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends, family, and even my advisor for coming to Portugal even though I decided not to get married and end my relationship. Almost all of the people who were invited to my wedding came and showed me love and support. It was a week that was very sad. I’ll never forget how kind my friends were when I was going through a hard time. It was also beautiful to see all these people I knew separately fall in love with each other. My family and friends are so smart, funny, and caring that they turned what could have been a terrible memory into one full of love and happiness.”

The former reality star didn’t say much about why she made the big decision to call off the wedding, but she did talk about it in an interview with US Weekly. Using “irreconcilable differences,” she said. “I realized we had irreconcilable differences. I care about him and want him to be happy with someone who is a better match for him. A lot of our time together was great, and I’ll always cheer for him from the sidelines “she told the news outlet.

Before she told everyone about the big news, Jacqueline posted a selfie with a cryptic message that hinted that there might be trouble in paradise. “Think back to Sintra, Portugal, where things were supposed to be different. If Sintra had gone as planned, my life would be very different now. I’ve often been happier when I’ve messed up plans and knew when to go off the path “she typed.

After her appearance on “The Bachelor” in 2018, where she tried to win over Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart, Jacqueline became a well-known name. In the end, she fell in love with Paul Seli, a professor at Duke. After going out for almost two years, they got engaged in 2021. When they got engaged, Jacqueline went on and on about how sweet the proposal was. “Paul proposed in the coolest way ever!!!! I am in San Ramon, California, freezing my eggs again with Caroline (and, I thought, Kendall). We are also filming a documentary about egg freezing. On Friday, I thought we were going to an art gallery to film some b-roll, which made sense since I’m painting for the documentary. So I’m mic’d up, and we start looking at art as we walk around. Suddenly, I see a painting that reminds me a lot of Paul’s style (he is an artist). Then I see that it’s signed. When I start stumbling around in confusion and no one answers, I get this creepy feeling “wait, that looks like Paul’s art, doesn’t it? That is the same as his signature.” Then he comes out from behind a corner and asks her to marry him. He’s supposed to be in Durham, and he’s such a good liar that I really thought he was going to propose in January in Durham. As you can see, the painting is of a marriage proposal. He made it for us to keep forever “At that time, she wrote.

The wedding was supposed to take place the last week of July. Even though the former reality star seems to be doing pretty well, Paul has been having a hard time and has been complaining about it. He wrote in an Instagram post, “Over the past month or so, I’ve had some really hard personal problems. I’ve been waking up anxious, eating very little, and getting stuck in thought loops. Let’s just say that the last month has been pretty bad. I’ve been here before (in my late teens and again in my early 30s), and I’ll get out again. One of the best things I can do to get better is to paint and write music, which are both helping me a lot. Don’t ever forget that art can be a form of catharsis and healing. It has saved me.”

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