Why are fans slamming Nadjha for crying over Isaiah in Love Island USA Season 4?

The most recent episode of Love Island USA Season 4 featured a recoupling round. During this round, Jeff chose newcomer Nadjha to be his partner.

During the recoupling session that took place after three new people entered the villa, the boys were given the opportunity to select their companion this time around. In accordance with their requests, island residents prepared meals for Nadjha, Katherine (Kat), and Jared. Jeff prepared the meal, and Isaiah was in charge of the dessert, for Nadjha.

During her separate outings with the two boys, she struck up an instant connection with Isaiah, who had the opportunity to spend time with Sydney at Hideaway not too long before. However, after spending time with Nadjha, Isaiah discovered that it was difficult for him to choose between Sydney and her.

Jeff had the opportunity to choose his partner first during the recoupling round, and he decided to work with Nadjha. The latter did not appear to be thrilled with the decision, possibly because she desired to be with Isaiah. Even when she was seen crying for him, viewers did not take kindly to the emotional display she put on for him.

What are Love Island USA fans saying about Nadjha crying?

On Twitter, viewers voiced their thoughts over Nadjha’s emotional response to Isaiah’s death. They thought it was strange that she had a breakdown over someone she had only known for a short period of time. Some viewers even felt sorry for Jeff since it was possible that he might not connect as well with his companion as he had anticipated that he would.

Following the recoupling round, Nadjha was overheard having a conversation with Zeta regarding Isaiah. Even though she was aware that Isaiah had a close relationship with Sydney, she lied to the original islander and said that the reason she was there was for Isaiah. Zeta admitted that she has strong feelings for Sydney, but she emphasised that “a connection is a relationship.” After noticing that Nadjha was crying, Kat went over to her to try to comfort her.

In the seventeenth episode of Love Island USA Season 4, the boys were given the task of delivering a speech in which they described their relationship with the female they intended to vote for. After reading his speech, Jeff made his decision to go with Nadjha:

“She arrived tonight looking as beautiful as an angel. It was because she matched my fly that we were able to fly together.

In spite of the fact that Nadjha was unhappy with the choice to reunite her and Jeff, she was seen attempting to work things out with him. She desired to work together with Isaiah, who, if given the opportunity, would have chosen Nadjha over Jeff as a partner. In the end, Isaiah decided to go with Sydney, who he has been romantically involved with for a considerable amount of time.

When Sydney saw Nadjha crying over Isaiah, she immediately felt insecure and threatened. She warned Jeff that they were going to run into trouble “if she [Nadjha] makes any further movement.” Because Nadjha had not shown any interest in him while they were talking, Jeff was also anxious about his decision to choose Nadjha. He sought the counsel of Chazz and Kat, and they both reassured him that the newcomer would eventually warm up to him once some time had passed.

Love Island USA has opened up voting for the forthcoming Casa Amor competition, and while the love triangle is expected to bring in a lot of drama, the competition is already underway. The passage of time is the only factor that can reveal how relationships and friendships will be affected by what is to come.

At 9:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, viewers can catch a brand-new episode of Love Island USA Season 4 on Peacock.

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