Who Were Mervyn Schwarz & Maree Schwarz? Farm Massacre Killed The Husband-Wife And Their Son Graham Tighe In Australia

A farm massacre in the remote outback of Australia killed a mother, father, and son. Mervyn Schwarz, his wife Maree Schwarz, and their son Graham Tighe have all died.

The police got a call about the incident around 9 a.m. on Wednesday. A man who had been shot in the stomach had to walk a thousand kilometers to get help.

People call it a “farm massacre.” It happened in a small mining town in the country of Bogie, North Queensland, with only about 200 people living there.

Who Were Mervyn Schwarz & Maree Schwarz? Death Notice Of Dead Couple

The farm massacre near Bogie, north Queensland, took the lives of Mervyn and Maree Schwarz. The woman who was hurt had just become a grandmother 18 months before she was hurt. Then, with a smile on her face, she showed the picture to the child. The family of the person who died might put out a death notice soon, but the police are also looking into what happened.

At 9 a.m., the police got a call about a man who had been shot near a remote farm near Bogie. He was known to have been one of the three people killed in the shootout.

It’s possible that the family is now working with the police to find the person who survived the terrible accident. Tom Armitt, the acting superintendent of the Queensland Police, said that they also went to the rural part with extra care because guns are often used there.

Also, there were four people who were hurt in the incident, and they were all from the same family. Also, the suspect had been taken into custody by the police.

In a massacre on a farm, the killer also killed their son Graham Tighe

Along with the farm couple, one of their sons, Graham Tighe, was also brutally killed on the spot. But luckily, Tighe’s younger brother was hit by a bullet but was able to escape the farm massacre. After getting away to another property and calling the police, he was the one who asked for help.

As the property was in a rural, hilly area, he could drive a few kilometers away to call the police. He was rushed to the McKay Base Hospital by air because he was covered in blood.

Officials said that he was getting surgery to fix the bullet wound he got. Later, they told us again that he was doing well and in the intensive care unit.

A suspect neighbor was taken into custody and charged with crimes

After he was said to be the shooter, a neighbor was taken into custody. Armitt says that he has lived in the area for a long time and that he will stay in custody. He also said that they would go ahead and file criminal charges against him because of this.

Officials also knew that both sides had met at the gate of the property earlier that morning. The night before, they talked, and then decided to meet there in the morning.

Police also found out from Daily Mail that the Schwarz family had just bought the 300-square-kilometer property for $10 million in May 2021. The plots were set up to be used for farming, grazing cattle, and breeding.

The investigation is still going on, but the main thing that is thought to have caused the incident was a fight over land.

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