Who was Marcel Bruchal? Boy, 14, fell to death from 7th floor balcony ‘trying to look up at stars’

A 14-year-old boy who died in March of this year after falling from a 7th-floor balcony in East London “tried to look up at the stars,” a coroner said.

Marcel Bruchal, from Newham, was at his grandparents’ newly remodeled maisonette at Sleaford House, Bow, at 9:15 p.m. on March 19 when he fell through the floor and landed on the asphalt of Blackthorn Street.

Someone in his family said that he looked over a balcony “in a weird way” twice before he died. The family member told the Daily Mail that an ambulance arrived at the scene at 9:35 p.m. and found Marcel badly hurt and having a heart attack. At 10:06 pm, paramedics put a tube in his throat to help him breathe and gave him CPR as they rushed him to Royal London Hospital. But at 10:09 pm, doctors stopped trying to save Marcel’s life and said he was dead.

The Sun says that Marcel was a popular and respected student at Oasis Academy Silvertown in North Woolwich who loved astronomy. Iwoulia Wozniak, his grandmother, said something very sad about the last time they were together before he died. She told me, “That night, there were a lot of stars out, and a comet went by. Maybe he loaned it out to look… We are sure that Marcel did not do it on purpose.”

When Marcel’s grandparents fixed up their apartment, it was the first time in a year that he could stay with them. He was “very excited.” On March 18, after Marcel got home from school, he and a family member watched TV all night. They had German sausages with mustard for breakfast on Saturday and then played table tennis for two hours at the University of East London. Iwona told the Daily Mail that it was “great” and that they “danced around.” She went on, “Marcel went to the bathroom for a while while we were dancing salsa. Someone from his family went with him because he didn’t think he would come back. He saw Marcel standing on the balcony and looking down. He talked about how Marcel was looking at it in a strange way.”

Iwona then took them shopping at Tesco. She noticed that Marcel was “joined at my hip” and “thought it was weird at the time.” But Marcel’s mother, Karolina, told her it was normal and that he was “clingy.” When they got home, Marcel watched “Jumanji,” and after they ate, he suggested that they do karaoke. Iwona remembered that Marcel and a family member went outside when she opened the door to the balcony. When she heard the family member cry out, her whole world turned upside down. She told me, “I heard him yell, “Marcel, Marcel, Marcel, Marcel, Marcel, why?” He was shouting and crying next to me, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He took me to the balcony by grabbing my hand. I looked over the balcony, but I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to see. “Marcel is lying there,” I was told.” ” Then I saw Marcel’s shirt, and we ran out of the building to see him lying there. He wasn’t lying on the sidewalk; instead, he was a long way from the building. My husband moved him around a bit, but I was yelling and shaking so hard that I couldn’t hear him. I told my husband not to touch him because I wanted to put the patchwork over him, but then the ambulance came.”

Iwona said that she didn’t know if anyone had seen Marcel fall or why he “might have jumped.” Marcel was reportedly bullied at school, and she remembered a time a few months earlier when “a boy made smacking noises at him and asked, ‘Are you gay?’” Still, she said, “I don’t think it was because of bullying.”

The Metro says that when detectives looked at his text messages as part of their investigation into his death, they found “nothing strange.” Coroner Mary Hassell said at the end of this week’s hearing, “Some parts of how Marcel died are clear to me, but others are harder to understand.” A toxicologist said that Marcel’s blood test showed nothing unusual, and a pathologist said that he died from 1A Multiple Injuries because of the “devastating” damage the fall did to his body.

After Marcel’s death, his mother, Karolina Bruchal, spoke about him “We never thought we’d be in this situation in our lives. Even in my worst dreams, I never thought I’d be writing these words. And I write because we are so sleepy and helpless, even though we want to wake up so badly. No more tears are shed. Marcelek, who we love, is beautiful, smart, smart, and sensitive.” His grandparents left a letter at the scene, which said: “Dear Marcel, it’s hard to describe how empty our lives have become from one day to the next. You will always be our beloved first grandson, and we will always love you. As hard as it is to say, we love you more than life itself. We’re sad and feel like there’s nothing left in the world without you. The grandparents.”

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