Who Is She? Where is the woman who was cleared of murdering her boyfriend Steven Freeman?

A Georgia woman named Mary Katherine Higdon, who worked as a preschool assistant for several years, has been charged with murdering a man who was a high school sweetheart at their home.

In the town of Griffin, Georgia, Higdon worked as a preschool teacher’s assistant at St. George’s Episcopal School. He is accused of shooting and killing a man named Steven Freeman, who was 23 years old. His relatives remember him fondly, especially his Southern charm, his dedication to helping others, and his passion for fishing and hunting.

According to his Facebook page, Freeman founded Drain Right Gutter & Roofing, Inc. and in the past, he worked as a stacker in a food depot. His Facebook page also has several photos of Freeman with Mary Katherine Higdon.

According to the description, Freeman was born and raised in the town of Griffin, Georgia, where he received his education from Spalding High School and Gordon State College. In 2012, Freeman changed his status on Facebook to reflect that he was “in a relationship” and until that year, he had not posted any notable posts that were easily accessible to the public.

Mary Katherine Higdon
Mary Katherine Higdon

That would be Mary Katherine Higdon. wikipedia

Mary Katherine is a key figure of interest in connection with the shooting death of Steven Freeman. They were also taken into custody by police when they arrived at the couple’s shared home on Sunnybrook Drive in Griffin, Georgia, which is located about an hour outside of Atlanta.

While Katherine’s case was being heard in court, she was being held in Spalding County Jail. The charges against Mary were dropped.

Mary Katherine, a former assistant in the classroom, was accused of murdering her boyfriend, but found not guilty.

When the judge decided to acquit Mary Katherine Higdon of all charges, including willful manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, assault with a dangerous weapon, and carrying a weapon while engaging in the crime, many in the courtroom were shocked.

He defended himself on allegations that Steven Freeman had a history of both sexual and physical violence. In support of their claims that they were acting in self-defense, Mary Katherine’s public defender, Michael Granims, presented several text conversations.

He retained the services of a professional who diagnosed Mary Katherine with battered woman syndrome based on her symptoms. Before 1 August 2018, the police had been called to the couple’s house five times, once for a fight between family members of the couple.

Where can we find Mary Katherine Higdon in the year 2022?

There are a lot of people who are interested to know where Mary Catherine is currently and what is her current status. The teaching assistant, who was only 24 at the time, was acquitted when a jury determined she was not responsible for the murder or possession of a firearm.

When her side of the trial ended, Mary Katherine went back to her home in Griffin, Georgia. She has kept it a secret and hasn’t been particularly active online since, possibly in an attempt to avoid the attention of the public and the press.

It is only logical to assume that Mary Catherine has been able to put her terrible past behind her and is now living a peaceful life away from the public eye.

What prompted Mary Katherine Higdon to set fire on her lover is unknown

Mary Katherine Higdon is said to have told law enforcement that the gun went unintentionally, according to accounts. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, she said she missed the gun when she was giving it to Freeman in the back room of her house. She was there at that time.

Photos used as evidence in the prosecution of Mary Katherine Higdon

According to the news channel report, the police deny that this account is true. The chief detective of the investigation told the television channel that the evidence supported the government’s claim that there was an “intent to kill”. He did not give any further explanation.

After being shot in the chest, Steven Andrew Higdon could not recover from his injuries and passed away. Higdon is said to have told WSB-TV that she “did not understand what happened because she had never kept a handgun in the chamber in response to the allegations against her”.

5 fast facts you need to know

1. According to the allegations, Mary Katherine Higdon claimed the gun went off by accident

According to reports, Higdon reportedly told police that the firearm was discharged by accident. She said she was in the back room of their house when she was handing the gun to Freeman, WSB-TV Atlanta reported.

On the other hand, the television station reports that the police do not agree with this account. The lead detective informed the news station that evidence allegedly showed there was “intent to murder”, but did not provide any details to support his claim.

Steven Andrew Higdon was shot in the chest as the cause of his death.

According to the WSB-report, TV’s Higdon reportedly said that she “didn’t understand what happened because she never circled the chamber.” This is in reference to the fact that he never made a detour in the chamber.

2. Higdon and Freeman have been together since high school

According to statements made by relatives of the couple’s families to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the couple had been together for seven years and were lovers in high school.

Josh Thacker, who is Freeman’s uncle, was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “The word destruction doesn’t even begin to touch it.” It’s hard to avoid crying even for a few minutes at a time.

He further said, “It has cost us two lives. We are mourning the loss of Steven, but it is clear that our relationship with Mary Catherine will continue to grow, and my thoughts and prayers are with the Higdon family during this difficult time as they go through the same experience.

3. A murder charge is brought against Higdon, and Freeman will be remembered for his unwavering loyalty and his “heart of gold”.

Mary Katherine Higdon is being investigated for murder during the commission of a crime as well as possessing a firearm, according to the charges leveled against her.

Freeman died at a hospital in the area. Police was called to the residence on August 1, 2018 at around 10:42 pm.

An emotional obituary for Steven Freeman states that Steven was born on January 1, 1995, in Thomaston, Georgia.

“Steven lived a life full of love, joy, compassion and loyalty.” He had a friend in everyone, but he was especially close to people who shared his passion for hunting and fishing. According to what is said in his obituary, “he had a heart of gold, his stride was buoyant, and a beautiful Southern draw.”

“Steven’s love for you was demonstrated by the fact that he made you feel like you’re the only other person in the world, always making you laugh until your stomach upsets, a big look on his face.” There was a smile, hugged you bear, fed. You buckwheat, and never gave up your side. He never lacked the courage to say those three little words: “I love you.”

Mary Katherine Higdon
Mary Katherine Higdon

4. Steven Freeman Was an Employee in the Metals Industry

Freeman founded Drain Right Gutter & Roofing, Inc. He worked as a metal worker in the U.S., and was a former stacker at Food Depot, according to his Facebook page. His page also has several images of Freeman with Mary Katherine Higdon.

According to the profile, Freeman received his education at Gordon State College and went to Spalding High School in Griffin, Georgia. This is the city where he was born and where he currently resides. In 2012, he updated his profile to reflect that he was “in a relationship”, and no notable posts from recent years were publicly viewable.

Other older posts contain phrases such as “So bored. Hopefully people have a good time on Friday evenings. However, this was back in 2010, when Freeman was just a young teenager.

A family member sent a message on Facebook, saying, “Thank you all for the love and support you have given me and my family over the last few days.” The realization that so many people care about us and have made such an effort to lessen the trauma that we are currently experiencing, will bring great joy to Steven. He never wanted any of us to be sad.

5. Earlier reports indicate that the police were called to the residence

According to the WSB, investigators said they could reportedly smell alcohol in Higdon’s breath, and they also reported that she was grumbling.

In addition, the television station said police were called to the residence a total of five times during the last year, of which two visits were related to incidents of domestic violence and the other three visits related to issues. in relation to animals.

According to the news station, a neighbor claimed that Higdon told officers, “I didn’t intend to do that.” Higdon was arrested for this crime.

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