Who Is She? Michael Lichaa’s Relationship with His Girlfriend, Adam Elliott

Kara Childerhouse: Who Is She? Michael Lichaa’s Relationship with His Girlfriend, Adam Elliott

Michael Lichaa’s former fiancée was Kara Childerhouse. They split up last February after a scandal.

The allegations against Michael Lichaa for domestic abuse have been dismissed. He thanked his family, followers, and new fiancée for their love and support throughout the years.

Kara Childerhouse: Who Is She?

Michael Lichaa’s ex-girlfriend Kara Childerhouse. She doesn’t have a lot of personal information online, although she once made national headlines after accusing an athlete of attacking her.

She and Adam Elliott were caught having a sexual encounter at Lichaa’s house in February of last year. He was unable to contain his emotions after witnessing his fiance engaging in sexual activity with his best buddy.

He hurt himself when he fell into a window. A man was heard yelling and threatening to kill her, according to neighbors. They phoned the police after the disturbance.

When the cops arrived, Kara said Lichaa had assaulted her physically. He was then taken to the hospital under police protection to receive treatment for his arm injury.

He was later accused of domestic abuse. After more than a year since the event, he has finally been cleared of all charges, according to NY Post.

Kara Childerhouse, Michael Lichaa’s girlfriend, accused him of domestic abuse

Michael Lichaa’s ex-girlfriend Kara Childerhouse allegedly accused him of beating her. He was consequently charged on February 15, 2021, with charges related to domestic violence.

When he opened his eyes to see his girlfriend having sex with his old Bulldogs teammate Adam Elliottt in his backyard, he was furious. He was in shock and still feeling the effects of the booze at home, having drunk all afternoon and into the early morning, and he screamed out in astonishment.

After his ex-partner Kara Childerhouse, who was the accuser, conspicuously skipped court to withhold testimony, former @NRL star Michael Lichaa was today cleared of allegations of domestic violence.

He barged inside, breaking the glass window of his front door and gravely injuring his arm. He was then rushed to the hospital and even needed a minor operation.

He was finally exonerated after more than a year of being accused. In the afternoon, he gave a testimony and explained his version of events. His ex-partner declined to provide evidence against him.

Adam Elliott’s relationship with Kara Childerhouse

Adam Elliott said that he regretted being involved with Kara Childerhouse. They were allegedly discovered having a sexual relationship at a Sydney home one morning.

The athlete lost his cool and hurt himself when he witnessed his fiance having sex with his best friend. Elliottt wrote him a slew of regretful texts the following day after discovering that he required surgery for his injuries.

He apologized for forsaking their connection before confessing that he had “very profound difficulties” with drinking in the text. He went on to describe his actions as the biggest mistake of his life, according to the Daily Mail.

Even though Lichaa might have taken some time to comprehend everything, he eventually made amends with Elliott. Additionally, Childerhouse had no interaction with Elliottt. After the incident, he started dating Millie Boyle and discovered a new love.

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