Who Is She? Daughter and Children of Cherie Gil

Bianca Rogoff: Who Is She? Daughter and Children of Cherie Gil

The legendary Cherie Gil’s daughter, Bianca Rogoff, is also an actor. This is a memorial for the late actress.

Cherie Gill, a seasoned actress from the Philippines, has passed away. After a protracted struggle with cancer, the actress died at the age of 59. Gil’s passing was verified by talent agent Annabelle Rama on August 5, 2022.

Since then, numerous tributes have appeared on Twitter and Instagram. Cherie was a notable Filipino performer who became well-known in Hollywood. May God grant eternal peace to her soul.

Bianca Rogoff: Who Is She?

Cherie Gil, a well-known Filipino actress, is the mother of Bianca Rogoff.

In addition, she is a New York-based actor and singer. According to her website, the actor is supervised by Amy Friedman, Kimberly Howitt, Gloria Ponce, and Joanna Rosenthal while working in creative development at HBO Max.

She also obtained her BFA at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. As a supporting actor, producer, and director of short films, the young actress has already contributed to numerous projects.

Bianca hasn’t appeared in public since her mother’s untimely death, which is natural. We offer our sincere condolences to her during this difficult time.

siblings of Bianca Rogoff: Cherie Gil’s children and family

Although there are two males in the family, Bianca Rogoff is the sole daughter.

Gil, an actress, wed violinist and musician Rony Rogoff. Bianca and Raphael, two adorable youngsters, were welcomed by the couple. Raphael is a New York-based account executive, and Bianca is a budding actress.

The actress also shares a son with Leo Martinez, another actor. Jeremiah David, also known as “Jay,” is his name. He also has a New York office.

The children and family of Cherie Gil are in our thoughts and prayers. Her nephew was the one who tweeted a confirmation of her passing.

When Was Bianca Rogoff Born? Visit Her Instagram Page

Although Bianca Rogoff hasn’t disclosed her age, judging from her images, she appears to be in her 20s.

Speaking of images, the actress enjoys considerable popularity on Instagram. She has more than 17k followers and 141 posts on the network in total.

Bianca is a talented actress who is also a talented singer and songwriter. Despite having written and performed numerous songs professionally, she described songwriting as a hobby.

Bianca was also quite close to her mother. In New York, they were frequently spotted together. She has obviously suffered as a result of her mother’s passing, but she will continue her mother’s legacy.

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