Who is she? All about Beenzino’s spouse 

Stefanie Michova: Who is she? All about Beenzino’s spouse 

Beenzino, a South Korean rapper, and Stefanie Michova, a German model and actress, just got married. The rapper shared a couple images of himself with Michova on social media on August 5 to share the news. He stated:

The latest news. In a lavish ceremony, Beenzino and Stefanie Michova discreetly wed at the Borough Office of Yongsan District. While completing Beenzino’s marriage registration paperwork, employees of the Borough Office in Yongsan District began to perspire.

Michova also uploaded several photos of herself wearing a white dress and clutching a bunch of flowers.

Know about Beenzino’s partner Stefanie Michova

Stefanie Michova, a model and actress residing in Germany, was already mentioned. The actress, who was born on June 8, 1991, has starred in numerous TV ads for companies including Chabien Mask and MGM Casino. Additionally, the 31-year-old has acted in the movies Unbloomed, Hooked, and Key West.

Michova, who resides in Los Angeles, frequently travels to Korea for business. Wilhelmina, a modeling agency, is her current agent. She first joined with Dragon Heart Global in 2015 to begin her modeling career.

In Santa Monica, California, Michova attended the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Premiere Acting School. In numerous music videos, including Good Boy, Rollercoaster, Love Is A Temple, Black Magic, Long Live A$AP, Uncommitted, and others, she has appeared.

In the 2017 short film Rise and Shine, she made her debut as a writer and director. Stefanie has almost 274,000 followers on Instagram, where she is actively active.

Relationship history of Stefanie Michova and Beenzino

He and Stefanie Michova have been dating since 2015, but they were first seen together in 2014. He is also known as Lim Sung-bin. However, Lim disclosed his relationship with Michova in June 2015 after sharing a photo of the latter online.

Lim requested that everyone make harsh comments in English rather than Korean while he was a guest on jTBC’s Witch Hunt in 2015. He claimed that he had to translate them for Michova since she wanted to know them.

Then, in 2016, Lim made an appearance on KBS2’s Yoo Hee-Sketchbook yeol’s and claimed that dating Michova had altered his character. He explained that this had happened at a time when he had allowed fame to feed his ego, and that everything had changed after meeting Michova. Lim claimed that Michova taught him to be humble and modest.

Lim once claimed that after Stefanie joined his life, he started to enjoy going to airports and flying. He described Michova as a rustic girl, saying,

“I didn’t fall in love with Stefanie at first sight, but on our third trip together, I thought she was really attractive. She is quite plain-spoken. I once traveled to New York with her and was enjoying myself while shopping when Stefanie burst into tears and stated, “I don’t even like it. Shopping is very exhausting. I was genuinely shocked. I came to see that she was not entirely what I had anticipated.

They routinely share photos of one another on social media and have been seen together on multiple occasions.

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