Who Is He? The MMA Fighter’s Records and Wins 

Delan Monte: Who Is He? The MMA Fighter’s Records and Wins 

A well-known mixed martial artist with a stellar 9-2-0 UFC record, Delan Monte is currently ranked 58th in the lightweight heavyweight division. See his Wikipedia information below.

Brazilian fighter Delan Monte participates in the light heavyweight division of mixed martial arts. Let’s look at the fighter’s personal and professional lives first, though.

Delan Monte: Who Is He? Wikipedia Information

Brazilian professional wrestler and mixed martial artist Delan Monte made his MMA debut at the age of 21 in 2014. He therefore probably profited from luck as a result of his profession as a fighter.

On Friday, August 5, at Madison Square Garden in New York, Monte will face Rob Wilkinson in the Professional Fighters League light heavyweight semifinals. The winner advances to the November $1 million competition.

Monte was 9-2 in his prior matches. Prior to joining the PFL, he fought mostly in Brazil, where he had a 1-1 record. A technical knockout occurred in Emiliano Sordi’s most recent encounter at PFL 4 less than two minutes into the first round.

Age of Delan Monte in 2022

Delan Monte, who is 28 years old, was born on September 15, 1993, in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil.

Only a few sources give important details on Monte’s formative years. His family history and educational background are similarly unclear.

About his own life, Monte hasn’t found many details. He is grateful for the opportunity to keep his issues hidden from the public.

What Nationality and Ethnicity is Delan Monte?

Delan Monte is a Brazilian citizen, although there is no information available online about his ancestry. He hasn’t disclosed anything about his parents or family background either.

MMA fighter Delan Monte is married to Gleicy Monte. The couple’s lovely Instagram captions to one another show that they appear to be very content in their marriage.

Gleicy is active on Instagram and goes by the name @gleicyrodriigues. She has 222 posts since August 2022 and more than 5,000 followers.

Information about their first meeting and wedding day is particularly unclear

A charming youngster with the name Luiz Daniel Monte Rodrigues is one of many. Additionally, they have a 4-year-old child, which suggests that they have been married for a while.

 Earnings For Delan Monte’s Career

MMA fighter Delan Monte reported career earnings of USD 20,000 on tapology. However, his main sources of income are his UFC salary and his endorsement contracts.

Similar to this, the fighter’s pay is determined by the magnitude of the fight and, consequently, the difficulty of the opponent. But as his trade advances, he will surely start to make more money if he persists and works hard.

He also earns several thousand dollars each year. Delan leads a luxurious life with the money he has amassed and has never been known to experience financial hardship.

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