Who is he? Influencer is caught on camera riding a bike too fast and killing a 16-year-old.

Unsettling security footage depicts a Brazilian influencer riding a bike quickly before running over and murdering a 16-year-old. Model and influencer Bruno Krupp, 25, was riding his Yamaha motorcycle fast along the road on Saturday before the deadly collision. Joao Gabriel Cardim Guimaraes, 16, was struck by his bike as he crossed the street with his mother.

The schoolboy’s leg was reportedly severed on collision and thrown 50 yards away onto a grass verge, per Globo. According to reports, Krupp had been travelling at incredible speeds on the Yamaha bike without a licence or licence plate.

Joao’s mother is shown on video clinging to her only kid in horror as Joao lies unconscious in a pool of blood. She sobbed as she held the 16-year-old who passed away prior to help arriving, and the tragic video of her was taken. In the hopes that he would live, his amputated leg was kept in a thermal container. His grieving aunt Débora Cardim added, “My sister is experiencing severe grief. Those of us. destroyed by the death of their one child and only grandchild.”

After the deadly collision, Krupp, who was also given medical attention for his wounds, was taken into custody on Wednesday morning and charged with premeditated murder. He will be held until medical staff releases him at the hospital where he is having a clavicle operation.

Release of Krupp “would imperil public order, being the required constraint to avoid the commission of crimes of the same nature,” according to Judge Maria Isabel Pena Pierant.

Krupp, who was moving at a speed of above 90 mph, struck Joao as he was enjoying a little stroll on the beach before returning to their house after attending a birthday party with his mother, Mariana Cardim.

According to reports, the discredited influencer had received a fine for driving without a licence just three days before the tragic crash. Krupp was widely known around town for riding his grey motorcycle carelessly. The kiosk worker who witnessed the event and talked to Globo said, “He is widely known; he spends every weekend here.” “They are already a long way away as we turn to face those noisy motorcycles. They occasionally fly by this area.”

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