Who Is He? Cherie Gill and Leo Martinez’s American-born son

The famous Filipino actress Cherie Gil’s eldest son, Jay Eigenmann, passed away at the age of 59.

Everyone is looking for Jay online since the death of his mother. Everyone is looking for Jay now that Cherie has died, so where is he right now?

Jay Eigenmann: Who Is He?

The son of Cherie Gil, Jay Eigenmann, works as an audio engineer and tour manager in New York. The crafty engineer recently performed on tour with Neutral Milk Hotel, S Percussion, Lee Ranaldo, The Dust, and Simian Mobile Disco. He divides his time between his home and the road.

Full Sail University awarded the chief audio engineer at Poisson Rouge a bachelor’s degree in arts and recording.

From 2005 until 2008, the cunning engineer worked as a co-founder of Sonic Boom Philippines, an independent concert production firm.

He has fifteen years of experience working as a contractor in Touring TM/PM/FOH/MONS. His main duties include recording, mixing, and mastering engineers, festival FOH engineers, and head audio engineers.

In addition, he has 11 years of experience working as the principal audio engineer and director of production at Poisson Rouge, a company situated in the New York City region.

Jay is a seasoned audio engineer, as seen by his extensive resume.

Age of Leo Martinez’s son and Cherie Gill: Where is Jay Eigenmann now?

Cherie Gill, Jay’s mother, died unexpectedly, and her oldest son gained notoriety. In addition, people are now interested in learning more specifics regarding Cherie’s family background.

The seasoned engineer has built a reputation in the business over his more than 11 years as head audio engineer. After graduating, Gil’s son had over 18 years of professional experience in his industry.

Everyone is curious about the age of this wise man, but no social media platform has his precise birthdate. The man appears to be in his thirties based on his florid face in photographs.

The young man recently held a position as an audio engineer in New York, where he now resides permanently. The skilled engineer is currently a resident of the New York City region.

Based on his location and job history on LinkedIn, he has resided there for approximately 13 years.

Being the older sibling to Bianca and Raphael, who also reside in the US, he frequently visits them.

Bianca graduated from New York University (NYU) in 2019 with a BA in Performing Arts. Raphael also graduated from New York University. He graduated from college in 2020.

Who Are the parents of Jay Eigenmann? Visit Their Instagram Page

Jay Eigenmann was born from his mother Cherie Gil’s womb to the planet Earth. Leo Martinez, who is aged 77, is his father.

His deadpan comedy has a higher degree of ratings; he is a Filipino actor, comedian, and director. Martinez was the Film Academy of the Philippines’ Director General prior to Vivian Velez’s appointment.

Veteran Filipino actress Cherie Gil, Jay’s mother, passed away on August 5, 2022.

Lesley Martinez is the child of Gina Valenciano, Jay’s father’s second wife. When his mother Cherie and father Leo were still dating, Jay was born. Leo Martinez and Cherie were not supposed to be married.

Filipino actress Cherie Gil, who passed away lately (Aug. 5, 2022), was known as the La Primera Contravida for her acting talent and contributions to Philippine cinema. People are extending condolences to her family and spreading the news on Twitter and other social media platforms.

With an almost 50-year career, the FAMS Award-winning actress earned a reputation as the ultimate kontrabida in Philippine cinema.

In 2015, the experienced actress won the Best Actress prize at the ASEAN International Film Awards, and in 2019, she won her first Gawad Urian Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She married musician Rony Rogoff after ending her relationship with Leo Martinez, and the couple had two children: Bianca and Raphael.

The seasoned actress maintained an active Instagram account with more than 191k followers, and her wall is covered in pictures of her family. She supported her kids through years of living apart, making sure they remained her primary priority.

Every year, she posted birthday celebration photos to her social media.

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