Who is Frankie Paul dating? Mormon TikToker shows off new lover after divorce

She’s up to no good again! With her unusual videos, a weird TikTok influencer has taken over the social media platform and blown up the MomTok community, where she talks about her life through dance moves.

Taylor Frankie Paul, the influencer, said in May that her husband left her because she broke the rule about “soft swinging,” which means that she didn’t make a big move. She then made a video in which she talked about how she and her husband Tate would take care of their children. Now, she does the same thing with her new boyfriend.

A 28-year-old mom of two shared a video with a man on TikTok, but he’s not the one who broke up her marriage with her ex-husband Tate. Paul is seen lip-syncing to Young MA’s “Beatbox Freestyle” in a video that is now going viral. Soon, her new boyfriend slides into the frame. He looks at the camera and strokes his beard. The influencer made this video after a fan asked, “Where’s the guy you cheated with?” in a comment on one of her other videos. But her new boyfriend is not the man with whom she is said to have cheated on Tate.

With whom does Taylor Frankie Paul go out?

Paul shows off her new boyfriend, whose name is Dakota Mortensen, with pride. She wrote in the video’s description, “I won’t be sharing this one,” and the video has now been watched more than 4.9 million times. Not much is known about Mortensen, and no one knows anything about the person who caused Paul and Tate to split up. No one knows who he is. Paul says in the photo’s caption that it sounds like she won’t be doing any of the things she used to do with Tate.

The world was shocked when the TikTok influencer said that most Mormons practiced “soft swinging.” This is when you get physical with another Mormon, but don’t go all the way. She said that Tate and she could switch partners, but they couldn’t “hit the home run,” which meant that they couldn’t do anything but stay sexually together. She even exposed the whole community in one of her TikTok live streams by saying, “Everyone in the group was close.”

In a series of videos, she said that after her divorce from Tate, her whole life fell apart. In one of the clips, she said, “When I was in my 20s, I got divorced, started therapy, and moved out with my two kids for the first time.” Almost 11.6 million people have watched this one video. She keeps sharing weird videos about her life that are probably helping her.

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