Who Is Ella Toone Partner In 2022 – Is She Gay? Man United Footballer’s Dating Life Revealed

It is said that Ella Toone, an English pro football player, is gay.

Toone is a good soccer player who plays in the Women’s Super League. Even she is on the England women’s national football team for Manchester United Women Football Club, a professional football team in the Salford suburb of Manchester.

Toone used to play for the English women’s football team Manchester City Women’s Football Club and the Balckburn Ribvers Ladies Football Club, which was part of the Blackburn Rivers team. At a young age, the player played for her country. She played at the under-17, under-19, under-21, and senior levels.

In the last game of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, England beat Germany 2-1. Toone scored her first goal in that game, which England won. This game gave England its second win in a major international football tournament.

Who is Ella Toone’s partner in 2022?

After Toone was seen with her childhood friend Keely Hodgkison, there was talk that she was gay. Keely and the Euro 2022 winner have been friends since they were young. The British silver medalist talked about how good her schoolmate was.

Toone also says that she would become a big name in England. She was the best even when she was in elementary school and beat all the boys’ football teams. Keely says that they have been good friends since they were in school.

Toone and Hodgkinson met at Tyldesley, Greater Manchester Fred Longworth High School. Both of them are interested in sports, which is how they got to know each other. Both of them run cross-country and play football. Both of their dreams were coming true.

Hodgkinson said that either Toone or she would score England’s first goal in their 2-1 win over Germany at Wembley on Sunday. Even though the athlete is two years older than her, they understand each other well after making it to the 800m final of the Commonwealth Games.

When Hodgkinson was in school, she went by the name “mini Ella.” At every step, they talked to each other. The athlete always had faith in her friend, Toone, and knew she would do well. Toone is never there, even though they are on the same school team.

Hodgkinson praised Ella’s natural talent along with that of her team, the progress of the Lionesses, and the fact that she changed the way women’s sports are played across the country. She likes going to the game with her friend and teammates to watch it.

Ella Toone Supportive Parents

Toone was born on September 2, 1999, in Tyldesley, Wigan, England, to parents who cared for her. She is 22 years old right now. Also, the player is 5 feet, 4 inches (1.63 m) tall. She plays forward for Manchester United Football Club, where she wears the number 7 shirt.

Also, Toone’s parents may have raised and taught her all her life. Her dad and mom might have given her ideas for her dream game. The athlete’s family might be proud of how well she plays and how far she has come in her life.

Toone’s family may have had something to do with the girl on the Manchester team who is so smart and beautiful. After she graduated from Fred Longworth High School, she took 3 Extended Diploma Sports Science classes at Wigan and Leigh College.

Toone was a big fan of Manchester United and her favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo, when she was young.

Find Ella Toone’s brothers and sisters on Instagram

Toone seemed to be the only child in the Toone family, so it’s possible she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. As of August 2022, the athlete has 341k followers on Instagram, where she posts under the handle @ellatoone.

When you look at Toone’s profile, you can see that she has talked about her games, friends, and teammate. Still, her social activities showed that she was more focused on her job than on other things. Even the athlete told her fans about her game and the next one coming up.

Toone joined Manchester City in the summer of 2016. She played for the Astley & Tyldesley FC when she was younger.

Some information about Ella Toone

It is thought that Ella Toone has a net worth of $1.5 million.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.

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