Where Is Amanda Lewis Now? Adrianna Hutto Mother 911 Call and Documentary

On August 8, 2007, Amanda Lewis killed her 7-year-old daughter Adrianna Hutton in the swimming pool at her home in Esto, Florida.

Adrianna’s mother, Amanda Lewis, called 911 when she found her daughter in the family’s swimming pool and not moving. Adrianna was taken to the nearby Bay Medical Hospital by emergency crews. About an hour later, she was pronounced dead there.

When Adrianna’s six-year-old half-brother A.J. told police he had seen his mother “dunk” him as a form of physical punishment, the death was no longer seen as an accident.

What’s up with Amanda Lewis?

Amanda Lewis is in prison right now because she was given a life sentence without the chance of parole and a 30-year sentence for child abuse in connection with the death of her daughter.

When Amanda, who was 27 at the time, saw her daughter Adrianna floating face down, she ran over and grabbed her.

At first, it seemed like a terrible accident, and neither the Sheriff’s Department nor the criminal investigators had any reason to think otherwise. But less than an hour later, Amanda’s six-year-old son AJ started telling a scarier story.

AJ started to tell them that he had seen his mother put Adrianna under the water with her face covered with her hand.

Amanda’s parents, Brenda Burns and Charles, sent this information to the local sheriff’s office while Adrianna was still alive in the hospital. The sheriff’s office then brought AJ in to question him.

On August 8, 2008, investigators and an expert on children talked to AJ twice. On both occasions, he mostly told the same story about how his mother punished Adrianna for being bad by “dumping” her.

Adrianna Hutto’s Mother, Call 911

Adrianna Elaine Hutto, an American girl who was 7 years old, lived in Florida with her mother, Amanda Lewis.

Amanda Lewis, Adrianna’s mother, called 911 on August 8, 2007, saying she had found her daughter in the family’s swimming pool and she wasn’t moving.

AJ started to tell them how his mother had put Adrianna under the water and covered her face with her hand.

During the exam, Adrianna was found to have ADHD, and Lewis said that she had a hard time getting close to Adrianna at first, but that her love for her had grown over time.

Investigators also found that it didn’t look like Adrianna and A.J. had any toys in their home. Lewis said that the toys had been taken away for a week as a punishment and were being kept in a shed.

In September 2007, Amand Lewis was caught and charged with killing Adrianna in the first degree. She could have taken a deal that would have required a guilty verdict for manslaughter and a ten-year sentence, but she chose to go to trial instead.

Where is Aj Lewis Hutto, Amanda Lewis’s son?

Amanda Lewis’s son, Aj Lewis Hutto, lives with his new adoptive family and doesn’t talk to his mother Amanda.

Aj was a victim because he saw his sister drown in the pool as his mother watched. He might be between 20 and 25 years old and live in Florida.

Amanda and A.J. had been apart for about six months before A.J. testified against his mother at the trial. A.J. cried, but he was able to make it through.

But when the defense lawyer spoke, A.J. said something that went against what he had just said. After remembering that Adrianna drowned outside the pool, he later said that he didn’t know how her sister died.

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