What Took Place In The EDM Tent At Fatboy Slim? Woodstock ’99 Examines the Girl Abuse Case

Norman Quentin Cook, an English musician, DJ, and record producer better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, made a significant impact on the development of the big beat genre in the 1990s.

The DJ discussed the incident in an interview with the recently released three-part Netflix investigative documentary, Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99.

As stated in the show’s synopsis: “In contrast to the peace and music that Woodstock 1969 promised, its 1999 rebirth brought days of wrath, violence, and actual harm. Why did things turn out so horribly?”

Continue reading to learn why Fatboy Slim is still worried about this specific occurrence.

What Took Place In The EDM Tent At Fatboy Slim?

As the 1999 edition of Woodstock music festival burned to the ground, one British man, Fatboy Slim, questioned what he had stepped into. The musician, whose real name is Norman Cook, gave a detailed account of what took place the night of his most terrifying performance.

Limp Bizkit enraged the crowd of almost 400,000 people, who then tore down walls and destroyed other podiums all over the site. The rave hanger was where the furious energy was headed for late-night entertainment. People were gathered in the area acting in the most hedonistic manners.

Although Slim was scheduled to perform the Saturday night headline set at the 30th anniversary celebration of the original peace and love hippie festival held in upstate New York, and the gig was thought to be one of his most notable performances, it turned out to be such a tragic event that it is still being talked about 23 years later.

It absolutely did not turn out as Fatboy Slim had hoped. The documentary described a staff member who was working that night as saying he flashed his light on the floor and saw persons on all fours engaging in sexual behavior.

Another member of staff reported seeing several naked persons lined up with their hands against a wall and a line of people behind them, saying the scene was much more debauched than the Berghain’s dark area.

Woodstock ’99 Examines the Girl In Tent Assault Case

The musician still has nightmares of a girl being sexually assaulted that night, which was another horrible incident. A van slammed into the audience as Fatboy Slim was performing at Woodstock in 1999, an incident he called “terrifying.”

During his performance, Cook began to play one of his songs. He had only finished a few tracks when he observed a big object moving into the hangar. At first, he thought the van was just a silly addition to the show, like the art cars at Burning Man.

It didn’t take long for that van, which had been stolen by a bunch of people, to crash into the throng. Cook admits that he was heartbroken by the request to pause the music so that they might drive the van out of the hangar, but he refused because he believed that since it was Woodstock, it was normal to be criticized during concerts.

After that, it was not well received by the crowd, and they started tossing bottles, cups, and other debris at him; this was another recurring motif for the remainder of the event.

Fatboy Slim remembers the terror of Woodstock ’99

When the stage manager, A.J. Srybnik, arrived, he saw a person holding a “rusty old” machete, a lad pulling up his pants, and a teenage girl who was unconscious and had had her garments taken off.

He cried out, “I was in awe. It literally robbed me of my life.” A sexual assault victim had just come into his view. The girl was then taken in an ambulance directly to the hospital.

What action took Fatboy Slim? After going through such a dire circumstance, the musician was instructed to leave the performance, which he did. He has never forgotten the terrifying occurrence that happened that night.

Net Worth And Netflix Series For Fatboy Slim

As Netflix started airing this terrible occurrence as a documentary, Fatboy Slim recalled and narrated all the previously reported details. The information was requested from several other attendees that evening in order to create this Netflix episode.

Fatboy Slim, a famed British DJ and producer, is no longer focused on creating hit tunes. Despite committing himself to art and film ventures, he still has the DJ itch. The veteran DJ’s net worth is projected to be 20 million USD in 2022.

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