What Happened to Daniel in Reservation Dogs?

Four kids who deal with grief, bereavement, and a strong desire to leave the reservation and move to California are the subjects of Hulu’s “Reservation Dogs,” a drama series. It is repeatedly implied that the loss of their friend Daniel played a significant role in their choice to depart. He originally proposed the idea, and they are now simply carrying out his request. The fact that Daniel’s death was caused by the town also feeds their desire. They don’t want the same thing to happen to them because it ate him up.

Daniel is a constant in the life of the reserve dogs despite having passed away before the events of the episode. Although the show doesn’t directly address Daniel’s predicament or what was happening in his life prior to his passing, it does leave some hints. This is what transpired to him. Spoilers follow.

How Did Daniel Pass Away?

Daniel’s absence serves as the spark for the plot to begin in “Reservation Dogs,” but the exact circumstances of his passing are revealed in the seventh episode of Season 1. From the start, it was clear that Daniel was the centre of the group, and he still serves as the glue that holds them together. However, he had personally been going through some really trying circumstances. The circumstance at his house is where it all starts. Although it isn’t explicitly stated, it is clear that his parents do not get along. Daniel spends the majority of his time at his uncle Leon’s house because it seems like they quarrel all the time and things are so busy at home.

He likes to spend the day outside with his pals or at Willie Jack’s house, but as night falls, he is compelled to return home. He begins to dread it so much that he is willing to do everything to avoid going home, regardless of the consequences. In an effort to keep him company for as long as possible, Elora senses his discomfort. In the eighth episode, she stays with him despite the others leaving to go home. She takes him dancing, where he briefly feels better. But soon, she must return home as well, and that is when Daniel becomes irritable.

He makes the decision to continue walking after Elora has left. She doesn’t see him until the following morning, but what transpired in Episode 6 helps her piece together the rest of his voyage. Willie Jack and Leon discuss Daniel while out hunting. Leon was actually the last person to see him alive, it turns out. He tried to be there for Daniel as much as he could despite knowing that things were difficult for him, but when Daniel passed away, he questioned whether he could have done more. He is still plagued by guilt.

Daniel goes off after breaking his agreement with Elora to travel to California together and eventually finds himself outside Leon’s house, where he was busy with some other things. Leon is unaware that Daniel is pleading for assistance when he asks whether he needs any aid. As it is already too late for him to be wandering the streets, Leon decides to send him home out of worry for his well-being. Later, he learns that Daniel was never able to return home. He went to their normal hiding place and committed suicide, which Elora learned the following morning.

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