What did Dee Kosh do? Singaporean YouTuber jailed for 32 weeks

On Friday, August 5, 2018, the Singaporean YouTuber Darryl Ian Koshy, better known by his stage as Dee Kosh, was handed a term of more than seven months in prison for sexual offences involving suspected minors. In several instances, the 33-year-old criminal also filmed himself committing his crimes.

According to Mashable Asia, Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Ying Min revealed that Koshy utilised his fame to lure in the victims. Koshy was charged with three counts of human trafficking. It has also been asserted that he attempted to engage in solicitation of s*xual actions from a child or adolescent. According to reports from the English-language daily newspaper published in Singapore, The Strait Times, the young man was a minor.

Six different individuals went to the police with complaints about Koshy after allegations against him were made public on Instagram in August of 2020. One year later, towards the end of August 2021, he was arrested for the crime of recording his s*xual acts with a male companion.

Charges against Darryl Ian Koshy, aka Dee Kosh

According to the stories that have surfaced in the local press, Dee Kosh was found guilty of trying to coerce a teenage girl into engaging in sexual activity in exchange for financial compensation. The sources further indicate that Koshy initially offered the individual approximately 400 Singapore dollars (S$), but that amount was then upped to 2000 Singapore dollars (S$). According to an article published by the Strait Times, Koshy first encountered the boy in February 2017 on Orchard Road in Singapore, close to the Takashimaya department store. It is said that the individual worked in the floristry industry at the time.

After some time had passed, Koshy is said to have enlisted the assistance of his Instagram followers in order to locate the boy’s contact information. After that, he communicated with the person in question via WhatsApp, where he offered the latter a job. Later on, when Koshy learned that the boy did not have a girlfriend, he came to the child in an attempt to solicit l s*xual acts in exchange for money; however, the boy declined.

Following the incident described in the previous paragraph, it has been stated that Dee Kosh made a total of five such promises of sexual solicitation. After one of these individuals came forward with their allegations in August 2020, five more individuals followed suit shortly thereafter.

This YouTuber was charged with three charges earlier this year for allegedly providing money to youths in order to induce them to solicit illegal sexual acts from minors. In the same vein, he was also charged of three instances of Films Act crimes where he filmed himself engaging in sexual activity with males. It was stated that the Singaporean police found at least 25 recordings of this kind on his device after he was taken into custody. In addition to the allegations that were discussed previously, Dee Kosh was additionally accused of committing an infraction that was covered under the Children and Young Persons Act.

There is a possibility that not all of his victims were children, however a local publication claims that at least four of his victims were between the ages of 15 and 17. A person in Singapore who is over the age of 16 is allowed to have such a sexual connection; however, those up to the age of 18 also have some legal protection against sexual exploitation.

Possible punishments Darryl Ian Koshy could have faced compared to his actual sentence

According to the laws of Singapore, Koshy could have been sentenced to a maximum of two years in prison for each instance in which he attempted to induce juveniles to engage in sexual activity in exchange for financial compensation. He might have been required to pay a fine instead. Despite this, the Filipino man, who is 33 years old, was only given a sentence of 32 weeks in jail. It is uncertain how much of a fine, if any, he was required to pay.

In the meantime, Kosh could have been sentenced to up to five years in prison if he was found guilty of exploiting minors for sexual activities and was charged under the Children and Young Persons Act. In this scenario, he would have been held accountable for violating the Children and Young Persons Act. If he had been found guilty of such a crime, he would have been subject to either incarceration or a fine of up to S$10,000, or both.

In addition to the other offences he committed, the man who used to be a DJ and a YouTuber could have faced a sentence of imprisonment ranging from one to two years, along with the possibility of a fine ranging from twenty thousand to forty thousand Singapore dollars for recording such acts in the film.

As a result of these allegations, Dee Kosh was terminated from his position at Power 98FM, and other businesses, including Night Owl Cinematics productions and Huawei, severed their relations with the disgraced YouTuber.

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