Was Breonna Taylor A Criminal? Four Cops Charged And Aunt Arrested As Suspect After Her Death

Breonna Taylor, who was 26 and lived in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed on March 13, 2020.

Four current and former police officers are accused of killing her.
Federal charges were brought against four Louisville, Kentucky, police officers more than two years after the murder.
After breaking into Breonna Taylor’s house late at night in Louisville, Kentucky, police shot and killed her. The prosecution says that officers lied in order to get a search warrant for Ms. Taylor’s home.

The police said they let people know they were breaking in, but Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker, who was in the apartment, says he didn’t hear any announcement. He thought the police were breaking in and shot at them as a warning.

How did Breonna Taylor live? Criminal Records of the Victim

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old ER technician who worked in Louisville, Kentucky, at the University of Louisville Health. She didn’t do anything wrong, and she doesn’t have any criminal records.

Before she went to Louisville Health University, she worked as an EMT, which stands for emergency medical technician.

Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker were the main people the LMPD was looking for because they were thought to be selling drugs out of a nearby drug house. Taylor has been with Kenneth Walker since February 2020. Before that, she was on and off with Glover for two years, starting in 2016.

Glover had used Taylor’s address and phone number for different things, like bank statements. Glover, Taylor’s boyfriend, said that Taylor had managed his money in a lot of jailhouse chats that were recorded.

The LMPD issued a warrant to search Taylor’s house because they had a lot of information about where he was and they thought he might be involved in selling drugs. The warrant says that Glover left Taylor’s apartment in January 2020 with an unidentified package that was thought to contain drugs and took it to a known drug flat soon after.

Breonna Taylor’s murder is being blamed on four cops and her aunt

Four US police officers have been arrested and charged in connection with the death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed.

On March 13, 2020, LMPD officers shot and killed Taylor in her Louisville, Kentucky, home while following a “no-knock” search warrant. The woman, who worked at a hospital and was 26 years old, was in the house with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when police came in just after midnight and shot her.

Four police officers involved in the operation were charged with crimes by the federal government. This led to protests for racial justice all over the country more than two years after police killed Breonna Taylor during a late-night raid on her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Brett Hankinson was not found guilty by a jury of putting Ms. Taylor’s neighbors in danger when some of the ten rounds he fired during the raid hit their house. The Department of Justice has also gone to court against Joshua Jaynes, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, and Kyle Meany. Police in Louisville say that Mr. Meany and Ms. Goodlett are being fired.

Where Did Breonna Taylor Go?

Just after midnight on March 13, 2020, a Louisville police officer in plain clothes knocked on Taylor’s door and then used a battering hammer.

When he asked who was behind the door and got no answer, her boyfriend armed himself. Walker fired the shot at two people he thought were burglars who were in the apartment at the time.

After a bullet from Walker hit Mattingly in the leg, the police fired back. Walker wasn’t hurt, but Taylor, who was standing behind Walker, died after being shot six times.

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