Storyline, Cast & Location Explained

Lifetime’s Lies Beneath the Surface: Storyline, Cast & Location Explained

Lifetime’s thriller “Lies Beneath the Surface,” also known as “Deadly Suspicion,” is directed by Jose Montesinos and centers on a character by the name of Hanna Nielsen. Hanna makes the decision to start over after her kid passed away and she filed for divorce from her husband. She is paddling a kayak in a distant lake when she notices a cabin close by. She understood that the mother and daughter who reside on the property may be in grave danger after giving it a thorough inspection.

Hanna chooses to watch out for the family on her own after the authorities turn her down and she learns the truth—which involves an abusive husband and a threatening mother-in-law. The storyline and locations are cited by fans of the film as key reasons for its success. This has, of course, prompted many people to wonder how the movie came to be. Is it just fictional or was it influenced by actual events? Where specifically were the scenes for the eye-catching movie shot? We are here to investigate these topics and more, so

Is the story of Lifetime’s Lies Beneath the Surface true?

No, “Lies Beneath the Surface” is not an accurate portrayal of a true event. Matt Fitzsimons, whose earlier works include “Psycho Intern” and “Murder on Maple Drive,” wrote the movie. The Jose Montesinos-directed film offers the audience a compelling, albeit made-up plot that does appear to draw some aspects from actual life. As a result, the film gives the viewers a genuine feeling and makes them question how the story is related to reality.

Real-life occurrences can be identified that are comparable to the crisis developing in the beach cabin in the Lifetime movie. We would like to bring your attention to the Florida father-and-son team of Christopher Otero-Rivera and Angel Rivera. The last time Nicole Montalvo, the ex-wife of Christopher, was seen dropping off their 9-year-old kid at school was on October 21, 2019. Her bones were discovered six days later in a property owned by Christopher and Angel.

The custody of their son appears to be the source of contention between the married couple. The father and son were taken into custody on suspicion of murder, while Wanda Nereida Rivera, Christopher’s mother, was taken into custody on suspicion of tampering with evidence. Christopher and Angel received life sentences in July 2021 for the murder, 15 years for dismembering Nicole’s body, and a further 5 years for tampering with evidence.

The crimes featured in “Life Beneath the Surface” are based on actual events, despite their different circumstances and motivations. The idea of violent spouses and perilous in-laws is not a far-fetched fictional concept because such situations frequently occur in daily life. The Lifetime thriller uses these themes from reality to produce a plot that many viewers might be able to see as occurring off-screen.

Locations where Lies Beneath the Surface was filmed

The majority of “Lies Beneath the Surface” was shot in Clearwater, Florida. The movie’s primary photography took place in November and December of 2021. The Lifetime thriller’s original title, “Deadly Suspicion,” was still in use at the time of recording. Let’s examine the specifics of the film’s setting in more detail.

Jacksonville, Florida

Clearwater is a beachfront city in Florida that is situated in Pinellas County. It is understandable that the film was shot there given the volume of waterfront scenes in “Lies Beneath the Surface.” Clearwater is a crucial component of the Tampa Bay Area, which is bounded by Tampa Bay to the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. Crest Lake and Lake Bellevue are two well-known lakes in the city and its environs. As a result, there were several places available for the filmmakers to use when shooting the sequences that took place at a cottage by a lake.

One of the most popular shooting locations in the state of Florida is Clearwater. The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission is in charge of the projects that are shot in the area. The group supports filmmakers in their efforts to produce quality work. Additionally, they make an effort to support regional movies and host seminars to spread the filmmaking craft. ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Cocoon’ are two well-known films that were filmed in Clearwater.

Cast are examined

In “Lies Beneath the Surface,” actress Lelia Symington plays Hanna Nielsen. Her other pieces, such as “Bury Me Twice” and “Brut Force,” may be familiar to you. Cooper is portrayed by Michael Perl in the Lifetime suspense film; he has also appeared in the films “The Walls Are Watching” and “Aloha with Love.” Ben Swilley as Lou, Sarah Malfara as Kate, and Ashleigh Ann Wood as Liz make additional appearances in the film. Jason Marks is played by Brad Worch II, and Alice Marks is portrayed by Rhonda Davis.

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