Release time, date, and spoilers for Chapter 193 of Jujutsu Kaisen are available.

The author of the well-known manga series is ready with the next episode after amusing the audience with 192 chapters. Yes, we’re referring to Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 193, which will take readers on a wild ride. Without a doubt, the fans were looking forward to the publication of this new chapter. On their own social media profiles, they have been expressing how excited they are about it. Check read the article below to learn more if you chance to be curious about the same thing.

Let us warn you that there don’t appear to be any chapter 193 spoilers available right now. Nothing about it has been disclosed by the makers. Perhaps they want to shock the audience with a dramatic twist. However, it can be argued that there are a few significant aspects for fans to anticipate. The resumption of the Maki versus Naoya bout is the main event that spectators can anticipate. In addition, Noritoshi Kamo is anticipated to rejoin the battle. Based on its lone attack, Naoya’s new form appears to be significantly more powerful than his old one.

Fans will be able to see an improved version of the former sorcerer’s Cursed Technique used in the following issues, as the former Zenin Clan member is clearly focused on utilizing all of his strength to kill Maki. According to some theories, Noritoshi Kamo might not survive his time in Sakurajima Colony. In any case, aside from this fact, no source appears to have any additional information on this future chapter. Fans have filled the internet with their many theories and presumptions as they come forth with them.

Regarding the release date of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 193, it will be available to fans worldwide on Sunday, August 7, 2022, while readers in other countries will wait until early on Monday, August 8, 2022. The new issues will be accessible on either Shueisha’s free MangaPlus Service or their subscription-based Shonen Jump+ app, as everyone is already aware. Here, check the timing.

8 AM Pacific Standard Time (August 7)
11 AM Eastern Standard Time (August 7)
4 p.m. British Summer Time (August 7)
European Time: CEST 5 p.m. (August 7)
8:30 IST (Indian Standard Time) (August 7)
11 p.m. Philippine Time (August 7)
12 AM JST: Japanese Standard Time (August 8)
Time Zone Australia: ACST 12:30 (August 8)

It is true that readers are eagerly awaiting the publication of chapter 193. On many social media websites, different tweets and postings have been distributed. To receive more of these updates and the most recent breaking news from across the world, keep visiting our website. Observe us!

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