New Jersey woman found safe after video of her bloodied and yelling for help inside truck goes viral

A video of a New Jersey woman that was uploaded to the internet by the South Brunswick police department on August 3, 2022 quickly went viral on the internet. During the course of the footage, a bloodied woman can be seen and heard wailing as she is bundled into a truck in broad daylight just before to the vehicle speeding off. In order to bring more attention to the case of the missing woman, the video was retweeted many times.

The Public Information Office of the South Brunswick Township Police Department issued a request to the general public, requesting that members of the public share any information that may assist in locating the missing woman.

The law enforcement personnel searched for the woman who had been reported missing for a total of 26 hours before they located her in a safe location. The New Jersey woman and the trailer were located by the South Brunswick police department around 5:10 p.m. on August 5. This was made possible because to the footage from the security camera. The South Brunswick Police Department said the following things in a statement:

Police look for answers as kidnapped New Jersey woman was rescued after 26 hours

Along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, the South Brunswick Police Department is leading the investigation into the kidnapping that occurred on Wednesday afternoon. Raymond Hayducka, the Chief of Police, was quoted as saying:

After a lady who had been kidnapped in New Jersey was found after being held for 26 hours, the police are looking for explanations.

The New Jersey State Police were alerted at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday about a woman who was screaming for assistance from the interior of a truck that was parked next to a roadway in the state. The woman was bleeding from her face.

Almost immediately after that, the truck drove away while the injured woman was still inside. What ensued was a comprehensive inquiry that lasted for the next 26 hours and relied mainly on information and tips received from the general public. The New Jersey woman was thought to be “white/Hispanic,” to be in her 20s, and to have long brown hair, according to the police.

Both the victim and the suspect were tracked down and located in Woodbridge in the end. Both of them have admitted to knowing each other, however the specifics of their relationship are still unknown. This contradicts the early assumptions that the incident was an abduction by a stranger.

According to the police, who spoke to News12, it might be a case of a domestic quarrel. Deputy Sergeant Hoover stated the following to WABC:

Gabrielli Truck Sales, which is located on Route 130 not far from the location where the event took place, provided the most useful piece of information. Chief Raymond Hayducka issued a news release in which he thanked the community for assisting them in the inquiry and stated:

The individuals associated with the investigation have been brought to the local police station. Concerning the incident that occurred in New Jersey, the investigations to determine precisely what took place on Wednesday are still ongoing.

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