Mom of Archie Battersbee FUMES at’sick and awful’ decision preventing son from going to hospice

Hollie Dance, the mother of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee, expressed her indignation after a judge denied her request to transfer her son to a hospice for his final days. The family has now filed an appeal in opposition to the judgement.

On Friday, August 5, Archie’s parents were unsuccessful in their last-ditch legal attempt to have their son removed from the Royal London Hospital so that he may “spend his dying minutes” in peace, away from guards and nurses buzzing around him. Archie should stay in the hospital after the medicine is discontinued, Justice Theis ruled, echoing concerns raised by the Barts Health NHS Trust, which determined that the boy’s condition is too unstable for him to be transferred. The family would undoubtedly experience the premature deterioration that doctors indicated an ambulance trip “would very certainly aggravate.” The boy’s parents have, however, now filed an appeal against the judge’s ruling.

In an interview with Sky News, Hollie criticised the High Court ruling as “sick and terrible.” She claimed in a statement that “all of our family’s demands have been ignored by the authorities.” Despite our brokenness, we press on because we care about Archie and won’t give up on him. Previously, the troubled mother referred to the denial to relocate her son as “inhuman” and referred to it as “totally cruel and extremely horrible” that “we’re not even permitted to select where Archie takes his dying moments.”

After it was made known that Hollie might administer her son mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if physicians withhold oxygen as his life support systems are switched off, this information has come to light. The distraught mother vowed to “continue giving him oxygen” and that she would “do whatever” to preserve her son’s life. Hollie and Paul Battersbee’s desperate request for the European Court of Human Rights to maintain their son’s life support was denied. The family asked the High Court the next day to transfer Archie from the Royal London Hospital to a hospice for his dying hours.

According to a statement released by Hollie on Thursday, “If Archie is refused oxygen, if and when life support is stopped, I will continue to give him oxygen.” “I hope the High Court will make the appropriate decision. They won’t be respecting Archie’s “dignity” if they forbid us from transporting him to a hospice where he can receive palliative oxygen.” Added she, “The deck has been placed entirely against us. Charlie’s Law must now be implemented to bring about change so that no more parents must endure this. For Archie’s right to live, we will battle to the bitter end.”

The family’s resolve to pursue legal action was confirmed by the distraught mother. Hollie had already sworn, “We’ll fight all the way to the end. My son’s right to life will be defended by us.”

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