Meet Roxie Nafousi (The Blogger) And Her Parents

Meet Roxy Nafousi (The Blogger) and her parents

Roxy Nafousi is a talented blogger born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Her given name is listed on her birth certificate as Ravan Nafousi, and she is currently 32 years old. The people born in July are affected by Leo zodiac. His given name, Raavan, served as the inspiration for the name of the blog.

She moved to Oxford with her parents when she was only six months old. He spent his early years there. When she was young, she was a victim of bullying after coming from a Muslim home. When her parents enrolled her in a school that accepted children of both sexes, she changed her name. When the Manifest author was twelve years old, she changed her name from Raven to Roxy because she felt unlike other English children of her age.

Simply put, she didn’t want people to see her ethnicity in the first place about her. If she changed her name, she argued, people would not realize that she was of Arabic descent. She had fairly progressive parents compared to typical Middle Eastern parents, and they never put any pressure or coercion on her. So they never challenged him.

roxy nafousi
roxy nafousi

Roxy Nafousi’s parents and family

Roxy Nafousi, originally from Iraq, has both parents.

Her family did not participate in the custom of the holiday feast because they were Muslims and did not celebrate Christmas. She experienced bullying when she was young, and things got a lot worse after the Iraq War. She was once locked in the toilet by the other girls in her school as they stood outside screaming, “Saddam, Saddam.” Her parents eventually decided to transfer her to a mixed school. The author of the manifest then adopted the name Roxy instead of Ravan. Her parents agreed with her choice.

As a result of her father teaching her the value of maintaining fairness in the face of unpleasant events, Roxy often becomes emotionally closed. Between him and his brother, who is the eldest of the four children in the family, he has two sisters. Despite living nearby, since Roxy was a young child, she struggled with depression as a result of her abuse.

She started a styling service with the goal of helping women gain confidence through their appearance. At first he only worked with his closest friends and from there the business grew. He also launched a blog as a side effort. When the project was successful, he spent most of his time working on it. However, she loved the experiences she had as a stylist. He particularly enjoyed the fact that it was a profession that boosted women’s self-esteem. When she used to wear the dress of her dreams, she always got excited when she saw a smile on her face.

Is Roxy Nafousi Married?

A friend suggested that Roxy Nafousi listen to a reveal podcast at her lowest point.

He acted according to this advice. That one incident acted as a turning point for him, which changed everything. It was only two weeks after listening to the podcast that she began applying the rules of expression to her life and met the man who would become her husband.

The loss of Roxy Nafousi’s love and career uncertainty

I fell completely in love with someone after school. That’s when things really began to fall apart, and some of the sadness and self-esteem problems that were boiling beneath the surface began to appear. At 21, I just felt like there was no direction in my life, I had no idea who I was, and that time had passed.

Two years later, when I broke up with someone, everything fell apart. I started consuming excessive alcohol, going out four, five or six nights every week. I cried all day long and put two stones. My whole life just fell apart around me because I had just started my career.

The blog has been popular, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the confidence to be a successful “blogger” despite this. I think I will never be able to feel comfortable standing in front of the camera. Feeling like someone points out everything about you that you despise. I am literally the worst person to do what I do for a living; My heart just wants to stay at home eating fish and chips in my pajamas, but my career requires that I strive to look attractive and confident, as well as engage in activities that make me incredibly unstable. and feel worried. There is a lot of tension there. I know I may have followed a different career path, but I also admit that I crave approval sometimes. Now that I’m learning how to cope with discomfort, I feel like being honest and using that honesty to try to support other women who experience the same things as me—who we are. A lot of that, as I’m learning- helps me deal with it.

However, I believe that the age we live in makes it very easy for us to judge ourselves against others and find fault in ourselves. It is impossible to spend more than a minute on social media without being jealous of someone or something because we are all working so hard to achieve perfection. It could be someone’s job, an item of apparel they’re sporting, or god forbid, a restaurant where it’s impossible to get a reservation. But the secret is to stop trying to pretend you don’t experience those feelings and start being completely honest with yourself about them. People are incredibly reluctant to admit their jealousy. There’s a stigma that goes, “Oh! You’re obviously jealous! But we should just stop and ask ourselves, “Why do we feel that way?” There’s certainly nothing embarrassing about a natural instinct. that we all have to compare our achievements with those around us.The problem arises when you allow such feelings to overwhelm you as they can lead you to feel resentful or vindictive towards others Can behave.

“Everyone needs a highlight reel at some point. But it is important to note that for every innocent there are 1000 flawed photos.

You can only assume that people’s hateful comments on social media are the result of internal issues they haven’t resolved yet. Simply put, it is so easy to believe that someone else’s life is ideal. However, no one’s life is ideal. I advocate an accepting culture where everyone tries to be happy for each other, while acknowledging that we are not always innocent and that our feelings can be distorted when we feel alone and unworthy. . We take lightly the fact that we are constantly surrounded by people because we live in a big city, but there are many people who have no friends or family and spend their time alone at home using laptops or Instagram. spend the day.

Another issue with social media is that it has influenced our desire to look like others – even if they don’t resemble it! Even when we understand to some extent that something we crave has been photoshopped and manipulated, it can still distort your perspective. When I was young, I honestly believed that people’s real skin was completely devoid of pores after examining their skin in publications. “Oh my god, I have acne, I can’t believe skin should look like this,” she said. You know, when you’re so young, you have no concept that things are edited.

My primary business goal right now, in addition to running my blog, is to help other women overcome mental health challenges through health. I really lost myself last year, and I was in a terrible place by mid-July. Exercise and resuming my self-care regimen were the only things that helped me recover. I must say that I have become quite a fitness enthusiast, and I enjoy working out. However, I want people to understand that exercise and a healthy diet are more than just looking beautiful and losing weight when I talk about them. Exercise and mental health have been linked with numerous studies proving that there is more to it than meets the eye.

roxy nafousi
roxy nafousi

For physical ailments, we are all very comfortable going to the doctor, but when it comes to mental health – which is more important than anything else – it is a different story. When playing Tetris, you have to try to remove all the blocks before they are stacked and the game is over. I sometimes equate mental health to this process. You should take a seat, relax and handle each situation as it arises. Huge cortisol spikes, grief, anxiety and stress can all combine to make things feel completely out of control.

When it comes to self-esteem it is cumulative. When you are younger it can be a minor problem, such as failing to please your parents or not having enough friends. But it can become a concern about your size, your performance in school, your job or your lack of achievement. This can create a brick-by-brick wall of self-loathing and despair. The old cliche, “God, she’s my age and look how well she’s doing,” is another.

I’ve found that the only way to get over that hurdle is to stop focusing on other people’s journeys and, instead, start focusing on yourself. what else? They are not all Instagram users. For me, it’s spending time with my family, enjoying a meal with friends, laughing and interacting with the people I care about, and getting things done. I do such activities more because they please me. that’s all there is to it.

“One way to make sure you’re focused on your journey is to live in the now and avoid constantly scrolling through social media. When you put your phone away, life really begins.” .

Because the incentive system on your phone is embedded in your mind, it can be quite difficult to tear yourself away from social media comparisons. You know that message alert tone that beeps when you receive it? When you do this you basically develop an addiction to the feel-good hormone because it lightens up your hypothalamus and releases serotonin and dopamine the same way that drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette would. It’s like you’re glued to your phone looking for the next hit because you think you need it.

When it comes to dealing with my long-standing problems, there’s a very fine line between sitting with my feelings and letting myself get too preoccupied and lost in them. I’ve always found that striving for happiness requires a lot more work than being sad. To be happy it is necessary that you avoid all the nonsense that happens in life, which often happens. Something that makes you angry, something that makes you sad, something that went wrong. It takes a lot of effort to be able to seize life and declare, “Despite everything, I’m going to make the decision to be happy and be positive.”

These days when people publicly call me Ravan, I am not ashamed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change that because I still adore Roxy, but I do recognize that Raavan is a part of who I am. I admit that my nieces now call me by that name. To celebrate being true to myself and to encourage everyone to stop being ashamed of who they really are, I chose the name for my blog.

What is Roxy Nafousi’s net worth?

Roxy Nafousi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

The main way he earns money is through his blog. However, he is also extremely wealthy as a result of the revealed book he has created.

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