Meet Manu Feildel’s Wife Clarissa Weerasena And Their Children Jonti & Charlee

Meet Manu Fieldel’s wife Clarissa Veerasena and their kids Jonty and Charlie

In England, Manu Fieldel is a renowned restaurant and television chef who rose to fame as the host of the food competition show My Kitchen Rules.

As head chef at Bilson, he has established a strong reputation for himself. Later, in 2009, he started his own business called Manu in L’toile, but it failed during the first five years of its existence.

According to an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Fieldel played a key role in Bilson’s “three-hat success”.

In addition, he was previously the host of the travel-cooking documentary series My France with Manu, which aired for two parts. During the broadcast he promoted French regional cuisine as well as the country’s beautiful surroundings.

Manu Fieldel
Manu Fieldel

Biography of Manu Fieldel

At the age of 13, Fieldel decided to enroll in a circus school, where he studied juggling, cycling, clowns and some acrobatics in addition to the family tradition of professional chefs that both his father and grandfather had. were involved. He lived there for three years before coming to the conclusion that the kitchen was his true passion. He later moved to London and attended the Café Royal restaurant to hone his skills. After that, he worked at the famous seafood restaurant Livebait as well as Les Associations and Café des Ames du Vin.

Manu Fieldel’s Career

After moving to Australia in 1999, he spent the next five years working at several different restaurants, after which he accepted an invitation from Bilson’s owner to open the kitchen there as head chef. Bilson’s serves contemporary French cuisine. He was instrumental in Bilson’s achievement of “three-hat success”, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. According to The Daily Telegraph, he is famous among those who enjoy good food, because of the service he provides on “excellent gourmet food”.

Since 2006, Fieldel has been a contestant on Ready Steady Cook. In 2009, she became a judge on MasterChef Australia and since 2010, she has been a co-host on My Kitchen Rules.

In the same year, Fieldel left Bilson and founded his own French restaurant called Manu in L’toile. Both these events took place in 2009. Despite this, the restaurant was closed in March 2014, with Feldel describing the reason for the closure as a “year of nightmares”. He said that there was a lot going on with his commitment to My Kitchen Rules, including increased competition, which had hurt his business to such an extent that he could no longer afford to keep it open.

In the pilot episode of the Australian adaptation of Beat the Star, which aired in 2010, she competed against other famous people as the show’s celebrity contestant.

The season of Dancing with the Stars that Fieldel won was in 2011.

He made an appearance on the Good Food and Wine Show in 2011.

At the Logie Awards in 2011, he was also considered a nominee for the Most Popular New Male Talent category.

In 2011, she served as the host of the reality dating series Dinner Date.

Following the collapse of his restaurant in Sydney, Manu, in collaboration with chef George Calombaris, at L’Etoile in Feldel, built a new restaurant in Melbourne called Le Grand Cirque, which closed in August 2014, its first Doors four months after the bar opened.

My France with Manu is a travel-cooking documentary hosted by Fieldel in April 2014. The documentary follows Fieldel as he travels through western France, highlighting the local food, scenery and his memories of France. Seven Network was the first to broadcast the program when it first aired.

Zachary Ruane gives a performance of Manu, a recurring character on the Aunt Donna podcast. The role of Manu in the show was initiated by Zachary Ruan. Throughout the show, Manu’s character has been at the center of a great deal of controversy due to his statements, one in which he denies the Holocaust and the other in which he claims to be guilty of the September 11 attacks. Jared This podcast guest Jekyll claimed that he had the opportunity to meet Manu in person while filming an episode of My Kitchen Rules at Manu’s house. Manu has not addressed his portrayal by the band till date, except for a cursory mention on the Today show in the year 2019.

In the movie “The BBQ”, released in 2018, Fieldel plays André Mont Blanc, a French chef.

In 2019, he accepted a position as a judge on the Seven Network’s relaunched iteration of Australia’s Got Talent competition. On October 23, 2019, it was revealed that Fieldel will be joining former MasterChef judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston in a new cooking competition show called Plate of Origins in the year 2020. CanTeen is an Australian organization that supports young people battling the effects of cancer. In March 2013, Fieldel climbed the Kokoda Track to raise money for Canteen. To participate in the journey, each participant contributed $5,000.

In addition, Fieldel is an ambassador for Camp Quality, a charity that helps families of children who have cancer and whose motto is “Laughter is the best cure.” In 2019, Manu was a participant in the Rude Food campaign organized by the ANZUP Cancer Trials Group. In order to draw attention to the malignancies occurring “below the belt”, also known as penile, prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancers, Manu created a variety of foods that appeared to be aggressive.

In the same year, within 2020, Manu became the below belt ambassador for the ANZUP Cancer Trials Group. The #YourWay Challenge Below Belt took place in September of 2020, and Manu took part in it by riding a total of 854 kilometers on his bicycle and raising a total of $987 for cancer research.

In 2021, Manu competed on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars, which was broadcast on the Seven Network. At the start of the season, Manu revealed that the ANZUP Cancer Trials Group would be the beneficiary of his chosen charitable contribution. TV Chef Manu Fieldel’s wife Clarissa Veerasena is seven years younger than her husband.

Now 48 years old, Manu Fieldel was born and raised in Nantes, which is located in France. His full date of birth is 26 March 1974.

When he was 13 years old, he began taking classes at a circus school and quickly became proficient in acrobatics, juggling and cycling. After three years, he realized that his primary interest was in the kitchen.

After that, he upended his life and moved to London, where he began attending lectures at Café Royal. He worked in the kitchens of well-known seafood eateries Live Bat, Café des Ames du Vin and Les Associes.

Manu Fieldel’s Instagram account

A post that was published by Manu Fieldel (@manufeildelofficial) on his Instagram account.

Similarly, Fieldel’s wife, Clarissa Virasena, has turned 41. The month in which she was born in 1981 to Malaysian parents is currently unclear. He was born in the year 1981.

Her parents had moved to Australia years before her birth to take advantage of the professional opportunities available in that country.

Clarissa and Manu are introduced to each other in the lift of a nightclub in Perth, despite the fact that she was completely unaware of who he was at the time.

When their respective dates of birth are taken into account, the age difference of the couple is seven years.

Read on for more information on Sky News correspondent Alistair Bunkle’s personal life, which includes his wife Kate Bunkle and their two children.

Clarissa Veerasena and Manu Fieldel have created a delightful environment for their children, Jonty and Charlie, to grow up in.

Clarissa Veerasena, who is married to Manu Fieldel, has a jewelry boutique where she works. In November 2013, the couple made the good news public by announcing their engagement.

In January of 2018, the couple finally tied the knot after being engaged for the past five years. The couple now has a beautiful daughter who goes by the name Charlie.

Clarissa is credited with publishing a cookbook with her husband, who contributed to the book. Her partner claims that she cooks exquisite food, although most people are unaware of this fact.

Clarissa, who is of Sri Lankan and Malaysian descent, spends about 70% of her time cooking, while Manu spends only 30% of her time cooking in the kitchen. Both gave this information in an initial interview.

However, prior to Fieldel’s marriage to Clarissa, he had a relationship with Veronica Morshed, with whom he had a son named Jonty. Clarissa is the mother of Fieldel’s son. After a relationship that lasted for 12 years, the two finally separated in 2009.

Manu Fieldel
Manu Fieldel

Manu Fieldel net worth

The star of the show “My Kitchen Rules”, Manu Fielder has a net worth of around $10 million as of the year 2022. His profession as head chef and television presenter is the biggest contributor to his income.

She made an appearance on the Reed Steady Cook Show in the year 2016. Since 2010, he has been the co-host of the Seven Network show My Kitchen Rules, a cooking game competition.

He was a contestant on the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars and eventually became the champion of the competition. At the Logie Awards held that year, he was awarded the title of Most Popular New Male Talent.

Canteen is an organization in Australia that provides support to young people living with cancer. In March 2013, Fieldel trekked to the Kokoda track to raise funds for the canteen. The campaign required a contribution of $5,000 from each participant.

Her role as the spokesperson for Camp Quality, a charity that supports children with cancer and declares that “laughter is the best cure,” describes her well.

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