Know The Filming locations for Flip to a Million

Know The Filming locations for Flip to a Million

With the correct approach and skill set, even the most basic properties with limited resources can be transformed into pricey and successful real estate deals, as demonstrated by HGTV’s “Flip to a Million” reality series. The episode focuses on two couples who are placed in a new city with a $1,000 beginning budget: Jason and EJ Williams and Jon and Dani Wrobel. Both couples have experience and competence in the property flipping market in their respective locations. Both teams must research the local market in order to buy, refurbish, and ultimately sell properties. To sell a $1 million house successfully, they must also operate in stages.

The competitive and original premise of this home remodeling program keeps viewers interested from the start to finish and compels them to support their preferred duo. Additionally, the setting of the new city and the transformation of various properties will surely pique your interest in finding out where the scenes for “Flip to a Million” were shot. Allow us to give you all the information you need in that instance!

Flip to a Million Locations for Filming

The first season of “Flip to a Million” was shot primarily in Texas, more specifically in and around Dallas. The first iteration’s primary photography reportedly started in late 2021 and was finished by May 2022, a period of about six months of filming. Despite each couple’s prior experience in places other than Texas, the reality series tests their knowledge and abilities in an unfamiliar setting. Without further ado, let’s explore every single place where the couples flip various houses and generate money!

Texas’s Dallas

Dallas, the most populated city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, served as the location for all of the important scenes for the first season of “Flip to a Million.” The spouses and the rest of the production crew reportedly traveled throughout Big D to refurbish various homes and film significant episodes against appropriate backdrops. The area where they appear to have camped out is Preston Hollow, which is in north Dallas and is flanked on the south by University Park.

Information technology, transportation, telecommunications, defense, and financial services are among the industries that drive Dallas’ economy. The administrative center of Dallas County is additionally split up into other areas, neighborhoods, and communities. There are several instances of modernist architecture in Dallas, including the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Reunion Tower, and the JFK Memorial, to mention a few. In addition, numerous films and television episodes have been filmed in the city throughout the years, including “Office Space,” “The Tree of Life,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Prison Break,” and “Queen of the South.”

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