Know All About Devon Sawa’s Wife Dawni Sahanovitch

Dawney Sahanovic, married to Devon Sawa, is a multi-talented personality who has years of experience working both as an interior designer and as a television producer on reality series. Due to the fact that both Devon and his wife were born in the same year, there is no significant difference in their ages.

Tejasswi Dawney Sahanovic is married to well-known Canadian actor Devon Sawa who has garnered many notable credits in the entertainment sector over the years. Notably, Devon is a multi-award winning actor who has won several honors including Saturn Awards for his outstanding performances in various roles.

Her husband has received several nominations, some of which include the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Young Artist Awards. Additionally, he is a skilled interior designer and the owner of Donnie Sava Interiors based in Calabasas, California.

Their business offers its clients a full spectrum of remodeling and interior design services, such as house staging and remodeling. During the past several years, their relationship has received a lot of praise from the general public, as they are often seen indulging in cute behavior in public.

Dawney Sahanovic
Dawney Sahanovic

quick Facts

Name Dawney Sahanovic
Date of birth November 30, 1978
birth place Vancouver, Canada
Husband or wife Devon Sawa
Children Hudson Sahanovich and Scarlett Helena

The Age of Dawny Sahanovich – Devon Sawa’s Wife

At the moment, Davni Sahanovich is 43 years old. He was born on November 30, 1978 in Vancouver, Canada, making his birthday on November 30, making his age 43. Because Devon and his wife have the same birthday, but were born on different months of the same year, the age difference between them is not very large.

Notably, Devon Edward came into the world on September 7, 1978, in the city of Vancouver, Canada. The couple first introduced each other while attending the same school and remained in a committed relationship for over a decade until they married in 2010. In 2014, the stunning couple became parents to a son for the first time, and they named him. Hudson Sahanovich.

Moreover, she became the proud mother of a lovely little daughter named Scarlett Helena in early 2016. She graduated with honors from the Interior Design program at the Academy of Interior Design in Los Angeles, where she furthered her studies. in the field of interior design, and she is now known as the best designer. Due to the fact that everyone in the entertainment industry loves to watch them interact with each other, they are considered as one of the most admired couples in the business.

Take a peek behind the scenes of Dawni Sahanovitch’s Instagram photos

Due to the fact that Dawney Sahanovich is often brought to public attention as she shares her lovely relationship with her devoted husband, Devon Sawa, she has garnered a huge fan following from the general public. Through her Instagram handle, she often informs her followers about her family activities as well as the day-to-day activities in which she participates.

Notably, she maintains an active presence on Instagram under the username @dawnisawa, where she has a following of 7,283 users. Moreover, as of now, there are a total of 1,032 posts on his Instagram account that have been submitted to it.

At the same time, her husband Devon is active on Instagram handle with the username @d.sawa and has 265 thousand followers.

What exactly is the deal with this Dawney Sahanovic? In what capacity does it contribute to household income?

Dawni Sahanovitch is a competent interior designer who currently operates her company, Dawni Sawa, in Calabasas City, California. He also worked as a television producer on reality shows such as “The Bachelor Canada” and “Million Dollar Neighborhood”.

Many people are curious about whether he has been able to add a respectable amount of money to his current net worth as a result of the years of successful business he has done in the past. Her net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $2 million.

On the other hand, the estimated numbers have not been checked for accuracy as there are not enough reliable sources available on the internet. Furthermore, during the past several years, Dawney has not disclosed much information via the Internet about his personal wealth or revenue from his professional employment.

Dawney Sahanovic with family
Dawney Sahanovic with family

The year 2013 marked the beginning of the marriage of Devon Sawa and Davni Sahanovic

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 22: Devon Sawa and Davni Sahanovich are seen at the premiere of “The Fanatic” by Quiver Distribution at the Egyptian Theater on August 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Little is known about how and when Sava and Sahanovich first became acquainted. A post by Sahanovic on Instagram stated that the couple had been together for a total of 12 years before getting married in 2013. This would mean that they first started dating in the early 2000s. We also know that in this period, Sawa struggled with the question of whether or not to continue with his film career, which resulted in him taking an extended break from performing.

Sawa said in an interview with US Magazine in 2017 that she left the entertainment industry at the age of 25 for a period of five years and for most of that time, she was unsure about whether she would return to the industry. Or not. “I had completed a series of four or five independent films, which I was not particularly satisfied with. Some of them were horror movies. After the success of Final Destination, many people asked me to star in horror films, although they were not all equally successful. Simply put, I had reached my limit.

Because Sawa was in a happy relationship with Sahanovich at the time, it is also possible that she prioritized her personal life over her professional life at this time. Even though he didn’t plan it, the former child actor eventually resumed his acting career, much to the delight of legions of his devoted followers. “I was accidentally brought back into the industry,” he told us. “I was brought back to business.” “Nobody at my agency would have gotten the news that I was leaving, because they gave me an audition, and when I put myself on tape, that was the end of it.”

Together, they are the parents of two children.

The year 2014 marked the arrival of Sawa and Sahanovic’s first child together, a son they named Hudson. Sawa told People magazine that the baby was “eight pounds, an ounce of pure love,” despite the fact that the couple did their best to keep facts about their son’s birth relatively private. In another tweet, he discussed the experience of becoming a parent and wrote, “I love him. He is a source of great happiness for me.

A little over a year later, Sawa teased her followers on Twitter, saying, “Boys, do I have some news. Sahanovic and I are expecting our second child. Or should I say ‘girl’ instead? The actors of SLC Punk! Hudson was clearly delighted at the prospect of giving her a younger brother, as evidenced by the text she wrote: “We’re going to have some really cool Barbie sessions here!! I’d love to do a fishtail with a pink Corvette, too. I’m leaving. And tea parties until the end of time, yo.”

In the month of December 2015, Sahanovich became a mother to a beautiful baby girl who was named Scarlett Helena. Nikita Starr shared with People that he and his wife Dawney had recently become parents to a “pretty little girl” whom they call their daughter. “Will you please pray that he is quiet and makes no noise…” Unlike my child, who, if we gave him a chance, would shoot himself out of a cannon,

Sawa claims that his children have little interest in seeing their father on television screens, despite the fact that many of his films from the 1990s are suitable for young children. When you cast your first movie, Casper, for your 4-year-old and she tells you you’re just dad to me, dude, the Final Destination actor posted an adorable 2020 photo of Scarlett sleeping on the couch With the caption: “When you put on your first film, Casper, for your 4-year-old and she tells you you’re just the father to me. And that’s the only thing that matters most in this life. “

The actor, who appeared in Now and Then, told a similar story to Entertainment Tonight when he attempted to show his kids the 1997 adventure film, in which he starred alongside another 1990s heartthrob, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. “We wanted to see this movie I called Wild America, but they weren’t doing it,” Sawa explained. “They weren’t letting Dad go there,” she said. He insisted that it be closed, and since then, we haven’t seen any of my films again.

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