Jessica Namath – Joe Namath’s Daughter Is 36-Years-Old Now

He played some important roles in shows such as The Wedding Ringer in 2015 and Namath in 2012. Namath, which was written by Oisei Shapiro, is a documentary-biography.

In the same way, his father who was a great and talented football player from 1965 to 1977. The football player played for teams such as the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams during his career.

Also Jessica’s mother Deborah Mays works for Namath Entertainment. He is best known for his role in the film The Greatest American Hero.

John Kennedy and Gemma were

Jessica Namatha
Jessica Namatha

What is the age of Jessica Namath now? Does she use Instagram?

Jessica was born in 1986 in New York, USA. His father was a quarterback, and he has Caucasian roots.

The 36-year-old is active on Instagram and Facebook, where she has over 4,000 friends. But there is no evidence that Jessica is using new apps like Twitter or TikTok.

Looking at her Instagram posts, it is clear that she is working to raise awareness about environmental pollution and draw attention to the problems of ocean erosion.

She also posts pictures of her daughter Gemma playing with her grandfather Joe and having a good time, as well as informative pins. No one knows who is the father of the child.

Jessica Namath: Is She Married?

The actress was first married to Brian Kennedy in July 2015 in St. Therese Montauk, New York State.

Brian was an Irish singer and songwriter who lived and worked in Ireland. Their son John Kennedy was born in 2016, which was a blessing. Since the marriage was not stable, they decided to part ways shortly after the birth of their son.

Divorce was finalized by law in 2019. Brian asks his father-in-law for proof that he is helping his daughter financially.

The actress says that her ex-angry husband’s problems and drug use were the main reasons for their breakup. Brian was given son care because Jessica already had a daughter to look after.

Jessica is currently unmarried and leading a stable life with her daughter, Gemma.

Details about Jessica’s childhood and schooling

Jessica was the first child of two famous people from the United States, Joe Namath and Deborah Mays Namath.

She grew up in New York with Olivia Rose Namath, the youngest child in the family. Both sisters must have felt like they were on a luxury yacht in the middle of the ocean when they were born into a famous family.

The actress has been around the media since she was very young which is believed to have given her the skills she needed to become an actress. He got the courage to act in front of a large crowd by participating in school plays.

Namath went to high school at The Archer School for Girls in New York, where she graduated. Later, both sisters Namath went to the University of Alabama to pursue their degrees.

What is Jessica Namath’s name?

American actress Jessica Namath best known for her roles in documentaries such as The Wedding Ringer (2015) and Namath (2012).

She became famous because her father, the famous American quarterback Joseph William Namath, was her father.

Jessica Namath was married to Irish musician Brian Kennedy, but they parted ways for unknown reasons. Jessica Namath also has a daughter of her own.

She ended their marriage because she felt that her husband was using drugs and had anger problems.

Jessica Namatha
Jessica Namatha

early life and growing up

1986 is the year when Jessica Namath was born. He didn’t reveal his exact birthday to anyone. Jessica Namath is the daughter of Joseph William Namath, an American football quarterback, and Deborah Mays Namath, an actress.

She went to The Archer School for Girls for high school. She went to the University of Alabama to get a better education.

Jessica Namath’s father is Joseph William Namath, also known as “Joe Namath”. He was born on May 31, 1943 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

He played football in the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL) with the New York Jets (NFL).

Joe Namath was the quarterback of the football team. He was born in Hungary. His father Janos Namath worked in a steel mill.

Joe went to high school in Pennsylvania at Beaver Falls High School. Joe Namath was great at all the games in high school, especially American football, basketball, and baseball. In 1961, he was done with high school.

Joe Namath went to the University of Alabama to play football, but his focus was so focused on football that he dropped out and went into football full-time.

Joe Namath received a degree from the University of Alabama at the age of 64. It was for an arts degree.

His AFL career was very successful. In 1968 and 1969, he won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. He has also been in a few films.

Deborah Mays Namath (Jessica Namath Mother)

Jessica and Olivia Namath’s mother is Deborah Mays Namath. Deborah is an American actress who was born on September 1, 1964, and used to be a model.

She didn’t finish high school because she started working at a very young age. His most famous role was in the TV show “The Great American Hero”.

Namath and Deborah met in 1983 when they were both taking voice classes. He was 39 at the time, and she was 22. They were together for 16 years before getting married in 1984.

Deborah has said a few things about the divorce, including the fact that Joe Namath is an alcoholic. Moreover, they were 17 years apart in age. In the end, they parted ways because of Joe’s bad behavior.

Olivia Rose Namath was a politician (Jessica Namath’s sister)

Olivia Rose Namath is Jessica’s younger sister. He was born on 11 December 1990. In 2000, Olivia’s parents got divorced, which was difficult for her to deal with.

Olivia became pregnant at the age of 17 and is still in high school. In 2007 they had a daughter, Natalia. Natalia went to California to live with her grandmother, Deborah.

The name of Natalia’s father was not known until after her birth. Edwin Baker III was 19 when his daughter Natalia was born. Edwin has a poor record with the police and has been arrested more than once. Because of this, Natalia and Olivia do not see him much.

He defeated Edwin Baker at Ca’d’Zan in 2013. Edwin Baker took Natalia as his daughter, and she now lives with him and his wife.

who were they with and when

Irish musician Brian Kennedy writes the lyrics. Jessica’s relationship with Brian led to the birth of their son, John Kennedy, in mid-2016. He is 6 years old now.

She is also the mother of Gemma Namath, who is John’s sister. Now, no one is quite sure who Gemma’s father is, but based on what has happened so far, it looks like Brian could be her father.

In September 2016, Jessica asked for a divorce from Brian, saying that he used drugs and drank too much.

When Jessica Namath and Brian Kennedy broke up, it caused a lot of trouble. First, it was Jessica who said that Brian Kennedy’s drinking and drug use were the main reasons for the split.

So, he also asked for the custody of his children and money to help them. But Brian defended himself, saying that it was clear that his father, who is a wealthy retired football player, would easily be able to support him and his children.

He said that Jessica doesn’t need him to help with the money. In response, Jessica’s lawyers said that Brian Namath was going too far with his right to know about the family’s finances. In the end, Brian won the case.


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“Namath”, a film by Oise Shapiro, which was made in the style of a documentary, was Jessica Namath’s first role. Then, in 2015, she was in the funny movie “The Wedding Ringer”.

Now that he has made these films, he has taken a break from acting for some time. She now works as a person who wants to protect the environment. His social work has affected millions of people across the world.

How Rich is Jessica Namath?

In 2022, Jessica Namath’s net worth will be around $500,000.

When did Jessica Namath turn 18?

Jessica Namath will turn 36 in 2022.

How many children does Joe Namath have?

Jessica Namath and Olivia Namath are the daughters of Jo Namath.

What kind of person is Joe Namath?

His family comes from Hungary. In 1911, his grandparents emigrated from Hungary to the United States, where they worked in the coal and steel industries around Pittsburgh.

How much money does Joe Namath have?

Joe Namath is believed to be worth at least $25 million thanks to his football career.

What do the daughters of Jo Namath do?

Jessica Namath used to be an actress, but now she takes pictures. Olivia, who is younger, also works in show business. She has been in a few movies.

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