Is the plot of Good Morning, Veronica based on a real event?

The Brazilian-made Netflix original crime drama series “Good Morning, Veronica” (formerly “Bom Dia, Veronica”) was created by Raphael Montes. The show centres on the titular figure, a receptionist employed by Wilson Carvana in the homicide division. Veronica can’t get over the horrific recollection of a lady killing herself on the police grounds. The woman declares that there is no such thing as ideal love before she pulls the trigger. This one piece of information propels Veronica into a vortex of suffering and lies.

The next day, a troubled abuse victim calls her in a peculiar manner. In defiance of strict instructions, she attempts to solve both cases, endangering the victims’ security. Her desperate endeavour appears even more futile in a corrupt system of law and order until she takes matters into her own hands. The series, which delves into the evil psyche of a sadistic serial killer, is incredibly unpleasant and terrifying. You must, however, question whether the sitcom actually takes its basis from a crime incidence. Let’s look at this more, then.

Veronica’s Good Morning: A True Story?

No, the narrative in “Good Morning, Veronica” is not factual. Even though it may appear that the series is inspired by a real-life serial killing case, it is entirely a work of fiction. The screenplay for the series was written by a remarkable group of authors, including Gustavo Bragança, Ilana Casoy, Carol Garcia, and Davi Kolb. Raphael Montes created the series. Written under the pen name Andrea Killmore, a combination of novelist Raphael Montes and well-known non-fiction author Ilana Casoy, the script was adapted from the book of the same name.

Ilana engaged herself in the field of criminal psychology after receiving her degree from Fundaço Getlio Vargas, one of the most prestigious schools in Brazil. Her art frequently addresses notorious Brazilian criminal trials. For instance, she based her poem “A Prova é a Testemunha” on the trial of Isabella Nardoni. Additionally, she worked with Fox Brasil to develop a criminal profile of Dexter Morgan, the grey lead character of the well-known crime drama “Dexter.” Ilana has a lengthy resume thanks to her additional year of employment with Discovery Channel.

Raphael and Ilana mixed fact and fiction for the serial killer in the series, though. Since the murderer is also a senior member of the military police, Veronica’s fight for justice appears to be in vain. The series serves as a constant reminder of the abuses committed by those in positions of authority by adding these layers to the character. Colonel Brandao has not been a serial killer, although his characteristics may be shared by a number of law enforcement-related serial murders in Brazil.

In order to get revenge on his son, Jorge Luiz Thais Martins, a former colonel in the Military Firefighter Corps, murdered nine cocaine users between August 2010 and January 2011. The former police chief Florisvaldo de Oliveira, also known by his alias “Cabo Bruno,” on the other hand, attacked around fifty persons near Sao Paolo. In addition, Jose Ramos, also known as “The Butcher of Rua de Arvoredo,” killed eight men along with his wife and a second conspirator.

Additionally, Brandao lures the victims into his sophisticated trap by using his frightened and distraught wife. Therefore, even though Brandao isn’t a real serial murderer, his character can have been created using characteristics from many killers. The author emphasised the gendered nature of the crime by putting a female investigator, who frequently comes out on the losing end of power struggles, in the centre of the issue. In light of all the factors, the series may not accurately depict an actual criminal case, but it is highly realistic in its criminal characterization and profiling.

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