Is the host of The Antiques Roadshow married?

Mark Irvine and Roo Irvine: Is the host of The Antiques Roadshow married?

On October 14, 2012, Roo Arusha and Mark Irvine got hitched.

On programs like BBC Bargain Hunt, BBC Antiques Roadtrip, Flipping Profit, and Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip, Arusha, often known as Roo, serves as the primary host and frequent TV expert.

She just recorded episodes of Celebrity Mastermind and Celebrity Pointless as well, which will air in early 2022. Roo continues to write for many monthly publications while also participating in a variety of podcasts, interviews, corporate, and charitable events.

In Argyll & Bute, she is the proprietor of Kilcreggan Antiques.

The same is true of the numerous CARTs she performed with amazing celebrity partners like Clare Holman, Mark Curry, Michelle Ackerley, Danny Crates, Rav Wilding, Helen Skelton, Keith Duffy, the outstanding Russell Grant, and the amazing Tony Maudsley.

She also considered herself fortunate to have been selected to work on four of the 20 episodes of the Flipping Profit series in April 2018.

The idea behind the television show Flipping Profit is fantastic—experts are asked to put up their own money while competing with market merchants and up-cyclers to raise the most money for charity. She was photographed with Scottish upcycler Kev Paxton, who is really accomplished.

Roo Irvine, the host of the vintage show, facts

Identity Arusha Roo Irvine

Nickname Irvine, Roo

Birthdate January 22

Birthplace Scottland

Age 30

five feet, one inch tall

weight of 58 kilos.

brown-colored eyes

Hair is black

Animal sign Aries



Nationality Scottish

Ethnicity Indian

Relationship status Married

Spouse Mark Irvine

Noah Zimmern, kids

School High School Private

University Private College

Scottish antique hunter by profession and online personality

Roo Irvine, host of The Antiques, is devoted to her husband

The antique host wed her husband, Love Mark, on October 14, 2022. Similarly, before engaging in antiques trading, the couple worked in marketing.

Additionally, Mark owns and operates Kilcreggan Guitars, a small business that sells a variety of guitars, both new and secondhand, out of his home. In a similar vein, he claimed to have been a guitarist for 40 years.

After his wife’s father went away suddenly in 2013, his father too succumbed to cancer. The couple resigned their senior business positions after their father passed away to care for their moms, who were widowed.

Mark Irvine is a collector and the owner of an antique store called Kilcreggan Antiques. His shop and collection of antiquities are well-known. He is also well-known for being married to a well-liked BBC TV old-timer.

The collector garnered 100 followers and followed back 85 users on the social media site Twitter, where he goes by the handle @cakesparky. In August 2011, he signed up for Twitter.

In his statement, he made reference to his campaign website,

What Will Roo Irvine’s Net Worth Be in 2022?

Worth $1 million in 2022

£150,000 annual salary

budget for a television series salary

Vintage Roadshow

£5,1,000,000 $450,000

Roo has a $1 million net worth and a £150,000 salary from manual labor. She is enjoying her life thanks to the money she made.

Her other sources of income are Scottish Antique Hunter and her online persona. Her salary from the Antique Roadshow television series is £450,000.

She is also active on Instagram, where she has amassed 6,000 followers and followed 400 people back under the moniker @rooirvine. She has published 231 posts so far.

She described herself as a “Antique Hunter, Serial Foodie, Glass Lover, Cat Nut, Imaginary Caped Crusader for Animals, Heart is securely stitched onto sleeve, and BBC Antiques Roadtrip Expert” on her account.

Irvine, who is a well-known TV presenter and specialist, is the owner of Kilcreggan Antiques. She does not, however, frequently appear on TV in numerous shows.

She accepted an invitation to become a regular expert on BBC 1’s Bargain Hunt at the beginning of 2019. Over the previous few years, she had a lot of joy working with amateur antique hunters as well as her beloved coworkers and friends.

She was excited to start taping her first block of episodes that would be shown in the late spring or early summer of 22 when she recently learned that she had been chosen to share the role of the main presenter.

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