Is Jordan De Goey Married? Family and Parents of the NFL Player explored

Is Jordan De Goey Married? Family and Parents of the NFL Player explored

A forward and midfielder with Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League, Jordan De Goey is 26 years old. Jordan was a candidate for the Rising Star Award in 2015 after being selected by Collingwood in the 2014 draft.

Jordon, a Collingwood player, won the Gordon Conventry Award for the season’s most goals in 2018. Jordon attracted multi-million dollar contract offers from Melbourne and St. Kilda in 2018 after his outstanding season. The Melbournian, however, declined the offer.

The AFL great always had a birthday on March 15. Jordan, who was born in New York City, New York, in 1996, is an Australian citizen. The 26-year-old obtained his degree from St Kevin’s College in Toorak, Melbourne. Whiteness makes up Jordan’s ethnicity, and he practices Christianity.

Does Jordan De Goey have a wife?

Jordan, a midfielder for Collingwood, has never been married or engaged. The footballer is currently single, and football is his top priority.

His ex-girlfriend Hannah, whose private information is kept a secret, is frequently mentioned in connection with his dating past. He was frequently seen with his ex-girlfriend in open spaces. The ex-couple used to attend various events and parties together and post photos on social media.

Hannah may not be Jordan De Goey’s girlfriend, as the athlete hasn’t recently shared any photos of the couple together.

His Father Played for Essendon in the U-19s

The father of the Collingwood magpies formerly competed for Essendon as an under-19 player. De Goey junior most likely learned how to play forward or in the middle of the field from his proud father, Roger De Goey. Jordan, a native of Australia, was born in New York and reared in Melbourne’s Toorak neighborhood.

Early on, current jersey number 2 started playing football. He joined the Yarra Junior Football League’s Ashburton United Junior Football Club. Junior De Goey helped his previous team Oakleigh Chargers win the TAC CUP Grand Finale in 2014 by scoring a hat-trick.

In the 2014 AFL national draft, his spontaneous performance in the championship caught the attention of recruiters. As a result, Collingwood, an AFL club, selected him with the fifth overall choice.

Jordon De Goey, a player for Collingwood FC, scored three incredible goals for the team in the 2018 season’s Grand Final matchup with West Coast Eagle. However, the victory was taken from Collingwood FC.

Jordan’s Several Run-ins With The Law

The AFL footballer has had multiple run-ins with the law. He had been regularly embroiled in controversy and legal issues ever since he joined the Collingwood Football team. He was consequently fined heavily and suspended from multiple games for violating the club’s code of conduct, which was outlined in his contract. After being caught driving while intoxicated in February 2018, Jordan was given a $10,000 fine and asked to contribute another $10,000 to a charity. Collingwood also handed out a three-match suspension to Jordan.

According to Fox Sports, the player was handcuffed on October 31 of last year and charged with sexual assault and felony counts at Chelsea club. Jordan and his companion Duke Tyson were both arrested by the New York Police.

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