Is J Balvin Dating Rauw Alejandro? Death And Gay Rumor Explored

J Balvin has a son with Argentine model Valentina Ferrer, with whom he was in a long-term relationship. Some people think he is gay and wonder if he is dating Rauw Alejandro.

Balvin is a well-known Colombian singer who has sold more than 35 million records around the world. He is the best-selling Latin music artist. In particular, he is a singer who has won many awards over the years.

Balvin has won six Latin Grammy Awards and eleven Billboard Latin Music Awards. He also won five MTV Video Music Awards and seven Latin American Music Awards. He was also nominated four times for a Grammy Award.

He was also named the Contemporary Latin Songwriter of the Year at the 2017 BMI Latin Awards for his work in the Latin music industry. He was given the Global Icon Award by the Lo Nuestro Awards for his work to spread Latin music around the world.

Is J Balvin Dating Rauw Alejandro? Gay Rumor Looked Into

There is no truth to the rumor that J Balvin is dating Rauw Alejandro. It’s just a story on the Internet. There’s no truth to such a pointless assumption, since there hasn’t been a real source to back up the above stories as of today.

Balvin is good friends with the Puerto Rican singer and rapper Rauw Alejandro. Alejandro is well known for his music. Over the past few years, these two artists have worked together on a number of projects.

In particular, Balvin has been dating Argentine model and former Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer since 2018. Also, on June 27, 2021, in New York City, the beautiful couple had their first son, Rio Balvin.

On the other hand, he usually backs LGBT rights and says that they are about love. He also said that many of his closest friends are gay and that he had rainbow-colored hair to show his support for LGBT people and pride 2019. But he has never said anything in the republic domain about being gay.

Is J Balvin gone? Death Rumor Checked Out

J Balvin has not died, and he is still alive and well right now. But since March, there have been rumors and fake news about his death. Over the past few months, many people shared the news that he had died on the web.

People were shocked by the fake news of his death, and his fans looked for him all over the internet in a panic. But people have found that fake news about people all over the web isn’t useful. But in the months after that, Balvin has talked to his fans through his social media handle.

Based on what he does on social media, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him, and he probably isn’t sick. Further has been having a great time with his partner and cute son.

All About J Balvin’s Age and Wealth

J Balvin is now 37 years old. He was born in Medellin, Colombia, on May 7, 1985, making him 37 years old right now. On the other hand, many people wonder how much money he has now.

He loved listening to rock bands like Metallic and Nirvana from a young age. Also, after hearing Daddy Yankee, he was interested in reggaeton.

Talking about how much money he has right now, his net worth is about $20 million. But the estimated number hasn’t been checked yet because there aren’t any real sources on the web. Balvin also didn’t talk much about how much he made in his career or how much money he had.

As of 2022, he has sold more than 35 million records, both albums and singles. Balvin is the first Latin artist to hit number one on the Billboard charts 174 times.

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