How did Zoya Hashmi fare? The Viral TikTok Star: Facts

A well-known TikTok star with millions of followers on social media, Zoya Hashmi. Additionally, a recent viral video on social media.

A well-known TikTok celebrity created a video of her being harassed and subjected to force, and it quickly became popular. One of Pakistan’s most prominent TikTok stars and social media influencers is Zoya.

She has a sizable fan base, and after the video gained popularity on social media, lots of people widely shared it on various social media platforms. However, three people appear to have implicated the well-known TikTok star, according to Hashmi’s leaked video.

How did Zoya Hashmi fare?

In the well-known video, Zoya Hashmi can be seen struggling to get rid of the men bothering him. Who uploaded this video to social media and where it happened are not known, though.

Breaking her silence on the leaked “rape” video is Tiktoker Zoi Hashmi

She might be both in the hotel and somewhere else, though, based on the video. Unfortunately, this video has not been published by Pakistani newspapers or media, and no additional legal action has yet been taken.

This topic is covered by many YouTube creators, some of whom are also speaking out. Keep up with us to stay current. We’ll update this post if any additional information becomes available. So, don’t forget to check back for updates and additional news.

Wikipedia And A Viral TikTok Video Of Zoya Hashmi

Zoya Hashmi is a well-known TikTok and Instagram superstar who is still very young according to Wikipedia.

There, she gathered a considerable following in just a few days. She has more than 2.5 million Instagram followers and is a well-known celebrity in Pakistan. She completes her undergraduate studies at a Pakistani university.

Her birthdate is not well known, however she is believed to be 25 years old. She has Pakistani nationality because it is evident from the outset that she is from Pakistan.

Find Out Who Zoya Hashmi’s Boyfriend Is ?

As of now, neither the specifics nor the name of this well-known tiktoker, Zoya Hashmi, are made public.

On any of her social media accounts, she has never discussed her private life. Therefore, we presume that she may not be involved in any romantic relationships.

Videos from Zoya Hashmi on Tikto

However, after viewing the leaked footage of this social media celebrity, some have speculated that she may be related to the guy she refers to as Hamza in the video.

Twitter And Instagram For Zoya Hashmi

Regarding her online persona, she uses the Instagram handle @zoiii hashmiii12.

Although we were unable to locate her Twitter account, there are numerous tweets about her on the site. On Instagram, Zoya has 540k followers and 591 posts.

She has shared a variety of images and videos of herself and other subjects, such as the natural world, and her followers appear to appreciate and adore them.

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