Following their breakup, Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales will stop filming for the channel

Is Okbaby: Following their breakup, Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales will stop filming for the channel

The popular YouTube channel Okbaby, which has more than 1.49 million subscribers, is closing down. The news that the family’s YouTube channel will no longer exist has devastated fans who were looking forward to their vlogs.

The couple vlogged their lives together and began filming each of their children as soon as they were born. However, as soon as the two split up, the decision was made to stop the channel.

The end of Okbaby: Information is uncovered

Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales, two YouTubers who made a living by broadcasting their daily lives to the public, are getting ready to say goodbye to their channel, Okbaby. The four children’s parents called off their engagement earlier this year and posted an announcement of their separation on their YouTube channel.

The couple announced their separation after divorcing, and since their YouTube channel is the only thing keeping them together—aside from the kids—it would be a good idea to stop making videos so they can lead separate lives. It’s for the best that they stop making videos together, Oscar says in the video, noting how bizarre the situation has grown.

The couple discussed how the hardest part of their split would be dividing custody of their four children throughout the video. As they made their first video, acquired their first apartment together, began working at their first real job to start a family, acquired a home, acquired a car, and undoubtedly welcomed their children, Oscar and Kyra also reflected on how they had spent their entire lives on YouTube.

The couple said in the video’s epilogue:

“Oscar and Kyra and a lot of babies are who we are now; we’re not Okbaby anymore.”

Oscar and Kyra are currently working on separate channels that are their own. They did, however, add that they would be releasing three more videos, which would be the last ones on this channel. After those, they would stop posting videos, and viewers could instead follow them on their individual channels.

Both parties acknowledged wrongdoing in their relationship during the breakup announcement a few months ago, but at the time, netizens attacked Kyra for breaking up with Oscar because that was the message conveyed through the video. The couple added that it would be best for their children if they ended their marriage as well.

They agreed to share their channel Okbaby at the time, but it has obviously been much more difficult than they might have anticipated. People speculated that Kyra might have cheated on Oscar when the couple announced their breakup earlier this year, but it was later revealed that nothing of the sort had occurred. It was a mutual decision to part ways, after all.

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