Following England’s victory at Euro 2022, Prince William violated etiquette by hugging the players.

Football is Prince William’s absolute favourite sport. It was also no surprise to royal fans that he was seen watching the Euro final last week because he is the head of the Football Association. But what he did after the game caught everyone off guard.

The women’s soccer team from England finally ended their 56-year trophy drought last weekend when they defeated Germany 2-1 to win the 2022 Euro Cup. The Duke of Cambridge, who was moved by the Lionesses’ impressive victory, went to the field to congratulate the players and present them with their medals.

The Duke of Cambridge has previously displayed his passion for the game, but many are suggesting that this time he violated royal decorum by hugging the players as they crossed the field. During official events, members of the royal family are expected to limit their interactions to proper handshakes. It is very unusual to see a member of the royal family embrace a member of the public, but a royal specialist claims that the duke did it on purpose.

According to Grant Harrold, a royal specialist and a former butler to Prince Charles, “Historically, there was a rule with royals that you could gaze but not touch. If a royal approached you, you were expected to look them in the eye and shake their hand if they extended it. That was done largely for security concerns as well as the mystery surrounding the family.

But according to Harrold, Prince William’s method epitomises the contemporary day as outdated customs continue to be supplanted by more modern ones. William and the other younger royals, according to Harrold, “have understood that they can’t get away with being aloof.”

The younger royals have been raised completely differently, he continued, therefore the Queen can get away with it because she is the Queen and comes from a different era. Diana was a hugger, and I believe that William’s upbringing was greatly influenced by physical touch and embracing. William won’t find it strange; in fact, if it were just a firm handshake, he might find it more awkward. Additionally, watching royals embrace makes them seem current and contemporary.

The relationship between the general population and the royal family has changed as a result of Prince William’s active participation. And according to the royal expert, the prince’s deed demonstrates a more compassionate aspect of the royal family.

“As he works harder and becomes more comfortable in his role, he wants people to see the real him, which is why we’ve seen a lot more affection lately,” he stated. He has adapted to his position.

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