Currently, where is Dave Kroupa? A Shanna Golyar case update on the killer of Cari Farver

In Nebraska, Shanna Liz Golyar was the partner of Dave Kroupa. Shanna wanted to advance their relationship, however Dave was just interested in having a physical relationship with her.

But despite Liz’s best attempts, Dave discovered Cari Lea Farver and broke up with them. A resident of Omaha, Nebraska named Cari Farver was in love with Dave Kroupa.

On November 13, 2012, Cari Farver reportedly vanished from Dave Kroupa’s house. Years later, detectives discovered that Shanna “Liz” Golyar, who had dated Kroupa in the past, was suspected of killing her.

When Shanna Golyar murdered Cari Farver, Dave stood with the police. Kroupa made the decision to register for a few online dating services and engage in casual, non-committal relationships.

Where is Dave Kroupa right now?

In the Omaha Metropolitan Area, Dave Kroupa is currently employed as an independent business owner. Since there is no information available about Dave, he appears to prefer to avoid the media.

Dave Kroupa and Shanna Golyar had a relationship

He doesn’t have a public profile anywhere online, not even on social media. Dave first met Shanna “Liz” Golyar when he first started dating, and the two quickly fell in love and spent a few months together.

After his relationship with Shanna came to an end, he met Cari Farver. The story then focuses on three romantic encounters involving Dave, Cari, and Shanna Golyar.

When Cari Farver brought her car in for maintenance, she ran into Kroupa. Kroupa reported that while they were discussing her car, sparks were flying between them.

Although she had left some of her belongings behind, her car was vanished. Shortly after splitting up with Dave, Cari texted her mother from her phone to let her know she was moving to Kansas to start again.

Shanna was imprisoned for killing Cari after a trial in 2017. Shanna is now being detained in Nebraska Correctional Center for the 2012 murder of Cari, the boyfriend of her ex-girlfriend.

Cari Farver’s Role In The Murder Of Shanna Golyar

Dave Kroupa’s girlfriend Cari Farver was murdered by Shanna Golyar. Both women were in Dave’s life, but Cari was last seen on November 13, 2012. She vanished for a long time after Shanna killed her.

Shanna Golyar murdered Cari Farver

After Cari vanished, Shanna frequently claimed to be the deceased victim to deflect attention away from her throughout the police investigation.

To ease any concerns when Liz was tried for Cari’s murder in 2017, the prosecution added that Liz had been using Cari’s name online for years. Dave offered to speak in court. Cari was kidnapped in 2015, and 24 hours later she was fatally stabbed.

In 2015, when a new team took over Cari’s case, they asked Liz and Dave how comfortable they were with having the data from their phones accessed. In May 2013, Shanna shared a lengthy Facebook message under Cari’s account.

Detectives discovered a picture of Cari’s car on Liz’s phone that had been taken a month before the police were aware it existed, despite the fact that nothing substantial was discovered on Dave’s phone.

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