Cracker Barrel’s awake controversy clarified as online criticism over Impossible Sausage rages

Meat lovers were miffed when Cracker Barrel unveiled a new menu item. The well-known southern restaurant company announced the introduction of a plant-based sausage on their official Facebook page.

Since the announcement, haters have descended in force on the post.

On Monday, Cracker Barrel made the following announcement on their official Facebook page:

“Explore new frontiers in meat. Next time you Build Your Own Breakfast, try the incredible flavour of ImpossibleTM Sausage Made From Plants.
Non-meat elements are used to create an impossible sausage. It is well recognised that the product is “plant-based.”

Non-vegetarian patrons of the chain who complained that the company had compromised their traditional country-style offers were enraged by the most recent addition to the menu. A few online comments that hurt the business read as follows:

You’ve just lost your clientele; congrats on being progressive and going bankrupt. – Facebook Never attempt to push that nonsense in my direction. Keep doing what worked to make your franchise successful. – Facebook “Are you serious? Who do you believe makes up your consumer base? Even though the double meat breakfast is no longer available, I still get it. – Facebook

Soy protein concentrate, yeast extract, food starch, sunflower oil, and coconut oil are just a handful of the constituents in the new product. In a response to USA Today concerning their choice to include the impossible sausages on their menu, Cracker Barrel stated:

We constantly look for ways to enhance our visitors’ breakfast experiences and offer options that will please every palate.

Internet users comment on the newest menu addition from Cracker Barrel

Many fans of Cracker Barrel criticised the corporation for offering a vegetarian and vegan option. Although the most recent item would make ordering easier for their vegan clientele, it appears that some ardent meat enthusiasts were not on board.

Many people online expressed their displeasure, claiming that the branch is well-known for its meat-loving clientele and that the most recent addition was needless. Others countered that customers should be accepting of new menu items and insisted that they should simply refrain from ordering impossible sausages if they don’t like them.

Several tweets about the same topic read as follows:

The Impossible Sausage was introduced by Cracker Barrel in 50 chosen locations, and the company plans to offer additional vegetarian-friendly options in the future.

The introduction of plant-based meat in the food chain is not unique. Wendy’s, Burger King, Denny’s, and TGI Friday’s. Among the many restaurants that have included meat substitutes to their menus are Kentucky Fried Chicken, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Bareburger, Del Taco, and Carl’s Jr.

The McPlant, a Beyond Meat burger that McDonald’s is testing, will be sold. The Impossible Whopper and Impossible Nuggets were added to the Burger King menu in 2019.

With the well-known orange chicken, Panda Express is selling its own version of Beyond Meat. Additionally, Starbucks has teamed up with Impossible Foods to provide their clientele with an Impossible Breakfast Sandwich.

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