Are Jason Aldean and Logan Crosby Related? Claim To Fame Contestant and His Famous Family

People on the internet are sure that Jason Aldean and Logan Crosby are related. In Claim to Fame, he is trying to hide the fact that the musician is his famous cousin.

In these shows, twelve contestants, each related to a famous person, have to find out which famous people the other contestants are related to, while keeping their own relationships to celebrities a secret. They do this while living in a house together.

In every episode the candidates clash with each other. The winner has to skip the next round and get an additional clue about the other player. Logan has been one of the safest contestants ever.

Logan Crosby
Logan Crosby

Are Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean Related?

After the first episode of Claim to Fame aired, many viewers took to Twitter to talk about what Logan Crosby could relate to. People have ideas even after the seventh episode.

Most people said country singer Luke Bryan was the answer. And a lot of other Cyberians said that Logan reminded them of Luke, which may be true.

Some other guesses were Jason Aldean. Also, the contestant said that his cousin had won an Academy of Country Music Award, and Jason deserved the clue.

Some detectives, such as those using social media, were able to learn more about the truth. And the guess turned out to be correct.

Yes, Jason is a member of Logan’s family. they are related

A Twitter user named @EmmaTolkin found evidence that Logan said in a podcast that he was related to musician Jason Aldean.

In the podcast he said that the singer was close to his mother when they were children. He also said that Jason was a big reason why he decided to start a career in music.

Claims of Fame Contestant Logan Crosby’s Cousin Still a Mystery

Kevin and Frankie Jonas are the hosts of the reality show Claim to Fame. They let 12 famous relatives live together in one house, which was tough. In order to achieve fame and wealth, they have to hide who they are and where they come from.

During their stay, the contestants have to complete the tasks that happen every week. Elimination will also be based on challenges.

But there are clues in the challenges and around the house where contestants stayed while the show was filming that could show who they are and send them home without the $100,000 prize.

As of the most recent episode, there were only six players left, and Logan Crosby kept it a secret as he progressed to the next stage of the competition.

While the other participants are still trying to figure out Crosby’s secret, some of the Cyberians have already figured it out. He is the cousin of Jason Aldean. Both also follow each other on Instagram.

Now, people are curious to see if the other contestants can figure out Logan’s secret or can he keep it to himself until the end.

Information about Logan Crosby’s family member

Some thought that Tom Holland’s cousin Logan Crosby was a member of Tom Holland’s family. It was easy to guess because he looked and was built like Tom.

Some people want to know more about her parents and family as they learn more about her famous relative. Todd Crosby and Christy Crosby were near her.

Since 1996, they have been married. His father is 52 years old and his mother is 49 years old. His mother works at a medical arts pharmacy, and his father is the special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie host the new reality game show Claim to Fame on ABC. In the new show, unnamed relatives of famous people attempt to win $100,000 by completing various challenges. The most important thing to know is that the contestants are trying to hide who they are related to.

Logan Crosby, a country music hopeful who made his first appearance on the show on July 11, might be a name you already know. If you use TikTok, it may appear on your For You page at some point.

Crosby’s identity is still protected after Monday night’s premiere of Claim to Fame. He has 88K followers on TikTok and the show will be watched by millions (in the first episode, it was Chuck Norris’s grandson Maxwell Norris who was sent home).

We’ll do our research to find out who calls this singer, whose full name is Bradley Logan Crosby, family. From our research, we came to know that he is from Georgia and his Facebook bio page is empty. If her relative is a Georgia country singer, the fact that they are both from Georgia doesn’t help much. Still, here are some conjectures that often pop up on Twitter:

please wait. What is the name of Garth Brooks’ son? We didn’t know that. There are also some very juicy guesses about this picture in the comments.

Ashlyn, a Twitter user, thinks she knows a lot about the show. Ki, on the other hand, is sure that she knows at least one contestant.

The Nashville Star was a reality TV show about country music that ran for seven seasons, but it didn’t get many real country stars. If you look at the finals list for each season, you’ll find only a few famous names, such as a young Casey Musgraves, who came in seventh place in Season 5 in 2007. Musgraves can be seen singing a song on YouTube called “Halfway to Memphis” when she was only 18 years old. It would be another six years before his epic debut album came out. Angela Hacker was the winner that year.

Chase Rice was in Survivor: Nicaragua’s 2010 season and did well. He didn’t win, but earned him a lot of money (supposedly $100,000) and a chance to sing an original song at the reunion show in December 2010. He chose the song “Buzz Back”, which the artists liked. During his season, he talked about how he wanted to be a country music star and even sang for his fellow contestants when he wasn’t cheating on them.

About ‘Survivor’, says Whitney Duncan

Whitney Duncan has been on more reality shows than country singles on the charts. Duncan came in fifth in Season 5 of Nashville Star, ninth in Season 11 of Survivor: South Pacific, and eighth in Season 25 of The Amazing Race. She is best known for marrying Keith Tollefson, who was also on Survivor and with whom she competed in The Amazing Race. Because, on paper at least, her first marriage and it was the same, she had to end her first marriage. Duncan was also in TLC’s Yes to the Dress. His most famous song was “Skinny Dippin'”, and he was on that show as well.

“Nashville” and Chuck Wicks

In the fall of 2007, Chuck Wicks, then a newcomer, was set to star in a reality TV/soap opera show called Nashville on Fox. Those who wanted to be country singers were featured on Friday night’s much-loved show. It was only for two episodes before being canceled, but Wicks continued to go on with a song called “Cinderella”, which became her first and only Top 5 hit. Later, he would dance with his then-girlfriend Julianne Hough on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. He is now a co-host on the very popular radio show with Ty, Kelly and Chuck.

Jamie Johnson talks about ‘Nashville’

Jamie Johnson, who had some success until 2007, was also in the cast of Fox’s Nashville. “The Dollar”, one of his own songs, was a Top 20 hit. He also wrote “Give It Away” by George Strait, among other songs. Now that he is known to maintain himself, it is interesting to think of him in a reality show or a soap opera. What we wouldn’t give to see the four episodes that were never shown. Matt Jenkins, who helped write “Cop Car”, and a woman named Mika Combs, who would later be on the list, were both on the show.

Logan Crosby
Logan Crosby

Michael Ray says about “The Next”

The Next was a real-life singing competition on The CW that focused on local singers. Basically, renowned judges and consultants pitted local artists against each other to see who was the best. Then, the winner moved on to the semi-finals and final rounds. Michael Ray won with a performance of “Barefoot Blue Jean Knight” by Jake Owen. John Rich was his coach. As a result he got a record deal, which he has used to do many hits. The show was canceled after just one season.

“Nashville Star” and Chris Young

Undoubtedly, Chris Young is the most successful winner of the Nashville Star. However, Buddy Jewel, who won Season 1, had a few hits soon after winning. Unless you’re new to country music, you probably know that Young won. This Tennessean had to work hard to get to where it is now. He won Season 4 in 2006, but it took three more tries before the song was a hit.

Canaan Smith talks about the “wonderful race”

Canaan Smith and Mika Combs were together on Season 15 of “The Amazing Race” (I told you to remember them!), and their young relationship played out wonderfully on national TV, neither of which was good. He finished sixth, but things got heated when Combs wouldn’t go down a big water slide to beat the Harlem Globetrotters flight time and the Big Easy to the finish line (who had some intensifying his fear of heights and water). trash talked). We couldn’t find a video of what happened, but we did find a clip of the couple talking about it, right after. He was so cute!

Star Search: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake doesn’t do much country music, but Little Cowboy’s performance on Star Search in 1992 made us love him so much that we had to include him. He was bound to go on to bigger and better things and help Chris Stapleton become a bigger star.

“Nashville Star” by Miranda Lamberte

Miranda Lambert is between Buddy Jewel and John Arthur Martinez in the final episode of Season 1 of Nashville Star. She finished third, behind Jewel, who won. We still smile when we think of the video of her audition. “Greyhound Bound for Nowhere” is a song about cheating that she wrote with her father.

Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne Will Be On “The Amazing Race”

Runaways June’s Jennifer Wayne and Caroline Cutberth were in season 24 of “The Amazing Race.” They came in second behind the father and son team. Both these teams also played in season 22. They came in fourth and eighth place respectively. The second-place teams are said to get $25,000.

Riley Green on Redneck Island

Riley Greene might not want to talk about her two seasons on Redneck Island on CMT. He won the second time around, and he got a big check for it, but the whole point of the show was to put hot, drunk people in situations that were impossible to clean up. Oh, and they live together too. So, show biographies seem to be exaggerated. When asked, Greene refused to try to make friends with the police in college to stay out of jail, and that has changed a lot since then. In fact, their new EP, In a Truck Right Now, has some thoughtful country songs about everyday things. Their first single is called “There Was This Girl”.

Sawyer Brown talks about “Star Search”

In 1983, Sawyer Brown’s Mark Miller is scheduled to perform on Star Search. The entire video holds true to what we learned about the hitmakers later: their over-the-top performance style didn’t change much, and they were proud to mix styles. That year, Sawyer Brown won the award for Best Vocal Group. There is video, of course!

Phil Wasser talks about “Star Search”

We don’t know what to say. Phil Wasser was a lounge act, it seems, before he became a thoughtful country singer and songwriter who operates by piano. Almost nothing can be done about it, but it’s hard to stay mad when you’re laughing so out loud. In the late 1980s, Vassar went on Star Search, but did not win.

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